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Who gets priority with storms?

Assume you have Sunspear, Umberwolf and Skadi all fully traited. Each of them have a spawn colored storm each turn but that creates a problem. Only one storm can be active at any time but all 3 spawn at the same time so… which one of the trio gets the priority?

The one that is in the lowest position on your team would be granted the storm.


The last storm wins. Traits seem to resolve in order from “player’s first troop” to “player’s last troop” to “opponent’s first troop” to “opponent’s last troop”.

So if you number the team slots 1-4, you have to tell us a team setup for us to answer the question. But in general, the opponent’s traits will overrule your traits, and their “highest numbered” troop is going to be the winner.

Which is actually a strategy: you can cancel the offense’s storms if you use one of the troops you mentioned.

Let’s go with Sunspear with Mang, Umberwolf, Giant Spider and Skadi as an example. So, from what I’ve seen, Skadi’s blue storm would trigger and always trigger even if the enemy has their own version of one of the three?

Would be awkward going from Blue storm to enemy red storm and back and forward until either side loses the troops that create it. Still, that is pretty good to know.

(By the way, none of those 3 are traited for me and I don’t own Skadi so I was just thinking and asking)