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Multi-Slayer Traits

I have no idea why this hasn’t occurred to me before. And I can’t find it anywhere (though it may be out there, who knows…)

So we now have Fortitude and Undying and all those Elven traits with “immune to A, B and C” (okay and Fireproof too, but that was a natural progression). Why not apply this, also, to Slayer traits?

I mean, I’m not saying figuring out which ones fit is easy, but it isn’t much of a stretch to do something like “Bane Slayer - 2x skull damage to Daemons and Undead”. Figuring out the various pseudo-Wildfolk, hm, a bit harder or much wordier. “2x skull damage to Beasts and Monsters” could be… Critter Slayer.

Make some otherwise passed-over troops a bit more cool, maybe create some new strategies for some of the stronger ones, etc.

(Whether this would result in 4x damage on specific dual-types is, well, up to the devs - I say yes though! Given Tau with two Slayer traits seems to do 4x damage to those dual-types, consistency should rule here.)


I think this is good, but maybe a little hard to balance on the “rarity totem pole” because we have only three slots for traits available…

The hero gained talents which are a great addition in some cases, but the troops could maybe have something extra in the future?

Like unlocking two talent’s slots to upgrade (with traitstones) when they reach Legendary and Mythic Ascension maybe?

A lot of minor effects could be helpfull like:

  • At the beggining of your turn create a [Color] gem. (Common)
  • At the beggining of your turn if this troop is Enchanted it becomes Submerged. (Rare)
  • At the beggining of your turn Dispel the first enemy. (Ultra-rare)

I just listed some quick “At the beggining of your turn” talents because it’s simple to just copy+paste it… :stuck_out_tongue: But extra damage for another race/type of troop could also be an option.

If these talents/small extra effects are well-thought they can always bring some beneficial impact and bring some more strategy to our games everytime… Unlike some certain “upgrades” in our weapons… :roll_eyes:

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Nice idea, worth looking into.

@razzagor the idea to create a gem of set colour every turn isn’t a new one - and I think would turn out to be a potentially bad idea… it certainly isn’t a minor effect… when you put two or three on a team and wait just a few turns…I really like it in principle, but get very concerned when I think what that might do with Unity RNG cascades and perhaps a Storm in play too…

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Sure, but i’m assuming the devs would be careful to not put such talents in troops like Ishbaala, Infernus, Ubastet and other Divines or troops like the Trolls in general.

About the Unity cascades, i honestly think the perception of such events is very biased, which is not the topic at hand so let’s leave it at that.

Other safe and useful talent for specific troops that could exist:

  • Duty: At the beggining of your turn give +1 Armor to the first ally, if the ally is a knight give it +1 Attack too. (Talent for Sir Gwayne and Luther.)
  • Arcane Tutelage: Allies have 30% chance to gain 1 Magic when an ally casts a spell. (Talent for Tassarion, but he would still need to be entirely reworked to be useful…)