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New Trait Concept: Luck

So, with all the discussion around the boards for new traits, and with the new Kingdom about to drop, I came up with an idea that I thought I would throw out there, and “sea” if it had “legs”. See what I did there? :wink:

This would be a color-centric trait theme applicable to troops of any color, ala the Link, Heart, etc.I would imagine it probably a 3rd trait for most troops. Possibly a second trait for Legendary/Mythics.

Luck of “Color Specific Term” (Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Nature, Death)
At the start of battle create 7 [Color] gems.

This would allow a player to stack the board in their favor at the beginning of a battle with a color of their choice, but also at only 7 gems should keep it from being a broken mechanic. If it creates a match, that mana would be collected, but any Extra Turns, would essentially be wasted because it is your first turn.

Unique Legendary Variation:
Dumb Luck: At the start of battle create 7 gems of 3 random colors.

Just throwing that out there to show how it might be extended into a Legendary Trait as well.

What are your thoughts? :wink:


What would happen if the AI had such a troop traited? Would it create gems on its first turn as well?

Triple air luck troop traited combined with a Broken Maw… aaaand I delete the game.

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I had originally worded it as start of battle, but then changed the wording to on your first turn, so that the gems would spawn on the first turn of opponent as well. Trait must be applicable in both cases.

I would imagine this to be a single troop of each color to carry it. Kind of like there is only a single devoted converter for each color. Now you could still play 3 of those troops, but the team synergy would be bad, maw would fire but then what else could it do?

You know what, I have changed my mind! There are plenty of traits that state you gain things only when defending or invading. SO… see above for edit! :wink:

Thanks @JasonAshcroft

How about “increases the rate that xyz spawn”?

Right now there are 7 possible gems (6 colors, skull), each equally likely. Give each a weight of 5, so roll a number 1-35. 1-5 = blue, 6-10 = red, 11-15 = purple … 31-35 skull. I’d picture a luck effect adding 3 to the weight of that color. So weight on red would roll 1-38 instead and be 1-5 blue, 6-13 red, 14-18 purple … 34-38 skull.

That way things are additive easily. If I have 3 troops with lucky red, it gets +9, so 1-5 blue, 6-19 red, 20-24 purple etc.

If coded that way, there could also be deprivation traits, each lowering weight by 1. Build a team with 4 “Fire deprivation”, and red would only have a weight of 1. Or spells that change a color’s weight for X turns.


I like this idea @rasper, but do you think that having the effect the ENTIRE battle wouldnt be OP?

My current version gives a “chance” at a good start, but may also result in nothing, if the board was devoid of that color to begin with. Your method would not guarantee anything but over the long run would sway things in your favor drastically.

Perhaps they are two different traits?

Luck of Fire and Rain/Reign of Fire (If you like puns go with Reign)

i like, but i think it should create the gems at start of game and neither player turn, and give no mana to either, then no broken maw gets filled while board could still be re-colored

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@Annaerith this was my original thought as well, but I considered the possibility of those 7 gems creating say a match 5 which would result in the colors disappearing without any benefit and the resulting board being actually devoid of the color you should be getting a jump-start with.

Perhaps if there were a way to code so that there are 7 gems dropped in places where they will not cause a match? So that the trait remains beneficial and not detrimental?

I mentioned something like this a long time ago in regard to a legendary trait exploration to replace Sheggra’s current terrible one:


i think its totally fine if it happens since that is a rng and the trait is called ‘color luck’ not a ‘guaranteed color’ :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Annaerith Fair Point… If that were the only way it would be implemented… I think I would still take it. :wink:

@Lyya Luck of Skulls- Why not? :wink:

They would have to play with the numbers to find the proper balance.

On a 64 square board with no modifiers you expect 9.1 of each.
With a single color at +1 you expect 10.6 of boosted and 8.9 of others.
With a single color at +2 you expect 12.1 of boosted and 8.6 of others.
With a single color at +3 you expect 13.5 of boosted and 8.4 of others.
With a single color at +4 you expect 14.7 of boosted and 8.2 of others.

With a single color at -1 you expect 7.3 of reduced and 9.4 of others.
With a single color at -2 you expect 5.8 of reduced and 9.6 of others.
With a single color at -3 you expect 4 of reduced and 10 of others.
With a single color at -4 you expect 2 of reduced and 10.3 of others.

After looking at the ratios, I’d say +1 for the bonus, and -0.5 for deprivation. Stacking a team with 4 of a single bonus would be a big swing (6 more on the board then others, on average). Likewise stacks a team with 4 deprivers at -0.5 each would cut it down by 4 on average. Effective, but very limiting on your team building.


If it was added to some troops you shouldnt create new troops for those specific traits but rather change the traits of troops that already exist. Make it be less powerful and any troop could have it. It should be a ‘nice to have’ rather than a game changer, like the jinx trait for example.

Did i hear rock worms?

I’d be very cautious of implementing any of these ideas that either: spam gems onto board at start or tilt the gem distribution towards colours. They’re likely to get abused and lead to more broken defence teams.