Spell Resistance Trait

So far we have a variety of X% damage mitigation traits against Skull Damage.
How about showing consideration for spell damage mitigation as well?

For example,
Trait: Spell Resistance - Reduce damage taken from Spells and Abilities by 50%.


that one i want to never see in game.
(coz it would be a major milestone to greatly slow the whole game down, i hate it)

resistance to true damage yes, but not to regular spell damage

please make it never happen. (no offense @Sidousai )


I think it’s fair and logical to expect to see such a trait - and I’d welcome it. Don’t think it will break the game or slow stuff unduly - use skull builds against those troops, or devour them, or so on.

We could reasonably also get a legendary or mythic unique trait which is 50% (say) reduction to all damage.

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It would dramatically slow the game down. Yeah you can use skull spam teams, but you’re locked into just that team. Not to mention entangle already renders skull-spam useless for a few turns. Devour isn’t a full-blown option because besides Maw, nothing is a guaranteed devour. You’d even run into the same problems with death mark. So it would come down to either slowly killing them, or chance. Neither should be approved. If they ever thought about doing this, they need to make it not stack. Only 1 of these troops allowed per team. You’re trying to approach a level here where someone can almost build the perfect defense team to stop everything. No this isn’t an OP damage troop, but you’re approaching an OP defense troop.

I’m not even going to bother following up with the Legendary and Mythic you mentioned denying half of any damage. That’s just serious crazy talk.

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Maybe 25% reduction in spell damage, and as a third trait, on something that has no other notable defensive properties. And see how that goes, maybe do a 40 or a 50% after that if its not too detrimental.


Yeah 25% is more reasonable for sure. But in the same token, how many people would even use that troop in a defensive position at 25%? Maybe if they put it on an attack troop. They should strip EK of all his other traits, and put the 25% damage reduction. It would see some use then. :laughing:

25% puts a whole new perspective on it though. It’s not too much that way.

No Problem. Gards Avatar only need one more round then to wipe the enemy team :grin:

As long as there is no way to provide spell resistance to any troop, like a buff such as barrier, it could be mostly safe.

Imagine how “cool” it would be to have Gorgotha with Spell Reduction now that he can self-cleanse as well as having Mercy, Lady Anariel or Justice providing support with extra health…

wait for the new mythic to add to it… (but such defense stack i do not see as cool)