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Move the PvP Reward Button

Defend Battle Reward Location:


Waste 1 Gem Location:


Please move the reward claim button up so a double click doesn’t waste 1 gem.


So I’m not the only one who lost gems? Yaaay…? (It happened four times to me by now.)

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I have yet to do it, but I can easily see it happening.

I have been clicking the right edge of it since it is close to the 3 trophy battle.

My problem hasn’t been the defense screen, actually, but that I have been muscle memory trained to push the buttons in those positions (spellcasting, continue) or close to it (starting explore battles). Whenever I want to do something else it’s like my brain doesn’t remember it anymore - I cannot even remember how often I wanted to do treasure hunt but instinctively went into the explore menu.

So far, with the refresh button on the top, there was nothing to select but the PVP battles. But with the button there now, it’s like “I need to press this to start a battle”. And thus, I fail.

I find it a bit horrifying that I just made a thread suggesting it be moved from its previous location for exactly this reason, and now we have this happening…

:+1: yeah, this is definitely an issue for those of us that the game lags periodically from screen to screen so never quite sure if we didn’t click properly or if it’s lagging.

Do we even need this screen at all? It pops up after nearly every pvp battle and shows the 1 victory or 1 defeat with the measly 1 glory reward. Get rid of it I say.

On a similar note, the screen that follows the reward screen after a pvp battle. The one that says Tier 1 Champion of Whitehelm or whatever and your 51 pvp points slowly tick over. This is all duplicate information because the rewards screen now shows you your points AND also if you went up a tier. Get rid of this too I say.


I’ve been ticked off about this one for months - everything else has been consolidated already, why is this one still a thing??

Plus its awfully slow. Plus it is now inconsistent with everything else’s appearance. Though arguably its the standard we should be aiming to match.