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PvP Invasion Refresh Button


Often when I use the PvP refresh button which costs 1 gem… I get the same players appear in the choice list. So I use just used another gem… Annnnddd there he is again for the third time.

It’s the little stuff like this that really irritates me.

Please consider modifying this feature so that you are at least guaranteed to not draw the same opponents.

Best Wishes,


Great idea, I also hate this as well…

I don’t use the refresh but I can see how this would be an irritation (mild understatement). This should be addressed.

Its not what your asking for.

But if you don’t like the opponents presented do a 1 Trophy battle. They are normally VERY easy and will “refresh” your selections when you win. And you’ll get resources instead of spending them.

I do see your point if you are “spending” a Gem you should get new choices. (The method I mentioned above will guarantee new opponents, weird)


There are times that ALL 3 are 8000 ranked teams, with all traits and tough battles. This is when I use the 1 gem refresh, and when I get 2/3 of the same people I did not want to battle because it would take forever or very low chance of winning, then I feel like I’m wasting resources.

This should be a given when you do something like this in the game with a currency that is equated to $$$. If it was just gold like it used to be, then I wouldn’t care as much.

Yes I suupose that can happen, Honestly, I never judge a team on that silly blue score (I actually don’t even look at the number). I just very quickly glance at the actual team composition starting from the right 3 Trophy (For speed I always assume they are all 3 Traited, L20, Mythic, if they turns out not be it just makes things easier)

I still agree if this 1 Gem button is not working as intended it should be fixed! (I’ve still never used it to date).

I was providing a workaround, as I could not even venture a guess how many months until something like this could be identified/tested/and deployed to console.

This should be fixable server-side. The server “knows” which offers it has made to a given player, and a reroll should just de-dupe.

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This has not been my experience. I have done the 1 trophy team to clear out a 3 trophy team that I deemed to difficult and the same team returned 2-3 times in a row. So while I agree with this method it does not always work 100% of the time.

Interesting, I’ll keep an eye on it. I assume this is after you get to Rank 1 and the PvP pool shrinks, not on the way up? I’ve personally been not playing too much after R1 for the last bit.

I’m all for bug fixes, but personally I just want the Guild update that was initially planed for October to be released before I leave for XMas.