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Placement of (costs a gem) pvp screen ‘Refresh” button

After a pvp match I always tap to dismiss the (slow) graphics to move on to the trophy select screen. Playing intensively this generally happens on ‘auto pilot’…
…then there is the final screen showing Champion of… and pvp points earned. This screen doesn’t have a green “continue” button so I just keep tapping in the same place (as I have always done pre update ) until…(ker-ching sound) …Nooooooo… I have been charged a gem to refresh the screen because the refresh button is slap bang in the same spot as the other buttons. The gem to refresh button used to be in the corner and impossible to hit by accident.
I have wasted quite a few gems this way since the update.

Has anyone else been caught out by the new location of the “ refresh” button placement ? Maybe you havent even noticed because apart from a ker-ching sound and the flash of the screen renewing it’s not very noticable.


Hi esslee,

It’s caught a few people I think.
We have a fix for it coming in the next update, where the REFRESH button takes a few seconds to appear, so you can’t hit it accidentally.


Wooo Hoooo
Thank you :grinning::grinning::+1::+1::+1:

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Request: if possible, only add a delay to the gem refresh button. In casual PVP (which I use for hunting event stones sometimes) I would prefer not to have to wait to refresh my opponents if I know the current offerings are not useful.