Fix where the refresh button is in Pvp

So i think it’s very annoying and frustrating that a lot of times now trying to click through all these next screens and then you hit the refresh for 1 gem,This has happened to me already a lot and i see this being a big problem. Why can’t the refresh be EXACTLY where it was last UI? Not just Bold, blank in the middle of the bottom where you’re clicking and tapping trying to get to the next screen. Please fix this, i don’t wanna be wasting ANOTHER 100+ gems a week.


I have to agree. Also the Claim All button in Mail needs to be moved, when clicking Skip/Continue opening mails one at a time it is too easy to accidentally click on Claim All as it is in the same position. These are basic GUI fails.

Also the back buttons are sometimes in the upper left and sometimes in the upper right when returning to home kingdom screen, please standardize.

Also in the Guild Roster menu, the default is ascending (lowest to highest), should be descending (highest to lowest).


Agree with all of the above. Haven’t actually done any of them yet but have come close several times,


I completely agree with these views.please move the refresh button to other place.:grin:


Agreed, that refresh button needs to be at the top corner preferably, not sneakily hiding behind the continue button.


They just trying to get us to waste our very lowest resource now, Gems. :slight_smile:


They don’t need to sneak a button there to do that!
The amount of times I’ve thought I was in casual pvp hitting reset then realised I wasn’t…


I’ve accidentally spent gems to refresh ~10 times since the patch, so yes please.


Bump. I just hit this goddamn thing again

This had better be on the to-do list for 3.3.


I posted about this as soon as 3.2 came out. Despite trying to be careful I also would not like to think how many gems I have wasted via this bleeping button. Only yesterday I was hovering my finger underneath the 3 selections trying to decide which (Kraken) match to pick and touched it by accident.
Kerrrching !!! Noooooooo !!! :scream::scream::scream::scream:

Why the heck can’t it be put back up in the corner out of the way like it used to be ?

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i thought they gonna make it bigger in 3.3?

We have made some changes to the Refresh button. It now appears after a delay of approximately 1-2 seconds (in the same place) once you have collected rewards at the end of a battle in 3.3.

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That’s not much of a change… :frowning: i was wishing it would just be OUT of the way when you just want to fast pvp.

Yeah just move it else where, can you? Unless that’s the main reason to put it there in the first place: to make player spend gems accidentally which was not cool at all.

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Sounds fine to me.

Having UI button overlaps for click throughs is bad, yeah, but I have to play devils advocate here - where exactly are you guys clicking that this is still a problem, especially after two months to develop new muscle memory? I mash through every pop up screen, and this has never been an issue for me. Once I’ve moved the mouse to “skip” the rewards and continue mashing, there is that long unskippable PvP points gaining animation that seems to go on for about twelve eternities, then the loading wheel for another half second or so, then possibly another popup that tells me I won or lost a single defend battle for some reason, by which time I’ve invariably moved my mouse over where the three trophy battle will appear to spam click on that.

On that note, since you already have about five seconds to change where you are spamming click between the last input you need to have on to bottom of the screen before accidentally refreshing becomes an issue, I don’t really see how an extra one or two seconds is going to make a difference, so it really isn’t an ideal “solution” either.

This isn’t even the worst input overlap in this game. I find the worst one is probably the positioning of the “fight” button in guild wars completely overlapping the “to battle” button on the next screen, with a slight loading delay and no feedback or no transition animation much much worse, as you can easily buffer click through into battle with the wrong team. For that one, I’ve conditioned myself to click on the hero portrait rather than the “fight” button, since buffering another click wont send you into battle there.


Really? Its a delay instead of shrinking and moving it? Which of those takes more dev time and which of those is more of an inconvenience for the player?

Both answers are the option you went with.

If this was thought out at all, then my only conclusion is ZooKeeper’s above, which is that this was the plan all along. Either that or it wasn’t actually thought out.

All parts of this disappoint me.

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Its in 3.3, it hasn’t released yet. I still don’t think it’ll be enough.

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A 1 or 2 second delay means that whilst I am bobbing in and out of the matches offered
to decide which (Nyx) to play there is STILL a good possibility that, because of the location, the fricking clicking button will still get accidentally hit.


or at least a pop up “are you sure you have not hit this button by accident and actually want to spend your already depleted gem stock on refreshing this pvp page”


Which they’ve already nerfed our gemsss don’t need to lose anymore