Can we lose the PvP screen that comes after the rewards screen?

This is the screen I’m referring to:

This info is just repeating what was already shown in the rewards screen. Also, we already knew going in how many trophies and pvp points we were going to make. Just seems to me totally unnecessary and adds 5 seconds to every battle for no reason.


If they’d remove this screen people would be making so much more money, that the Legendary tasks should be cut 50%. So be careful what you ask for.


The continued existence of this screen vexes me.


Don’t steal the last remnant of the old UI from me! I like to remember the old times, when everything was better, like some grouchy old grandma. Wave my cane, tell all the newbies and GoW-young-whippersnappers how we once had a colorful fantasy game while mentally sitting in a park, feeding fat pidge-- Moas. Mentally sitting in Divinion Fields, feeding fat Moas. Yeah.

No really, I find the screen annoying, too, but I do like some remnant of the old UI staying with us.


I’d rather lose all remnants of what was old and good so I can fully embrace the new darkness.


Dude, no. Save your soul! Never forget the happy days of your youth!:weary:

(To stay on topic: I want the screen to stay since I like seeing my point total to know when the tier goes up and that’s something the reward screen doesn’t show. But I wish I would just see the new number and then it’s done and not have to watch the number rise slooooowly because even clicking doesn’t speed it up that much.)


When you level up a tier it shows that in the previous rewards screen.

Yeah, I know that, but I meant the point total. But then again, that could be solved by maybe putting it somewhere in the battle-selection screen? I don’t know. I also have issues with the sidescrolling, so I can’t look at the reward screen without feeling nauseous and hence avoid it… maybe the rest of you guys automatically calculate how many points total you have or something.

This is a leftover nonsense from the old UI. I assume it was left in by mistake. And yes, needs to go.

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And also this screen:

Pops up after every 2nd battle. Can’t these rewards just be sent to the mail like the revenge rewards already do?