Most useful common-ultra rare teams that can push you through to level 1000

Just interesting of knowing if there is any outstanding low budget teams.
I feel epic and legendary takes too much when it comes to good stones, so rather then fully upgrade those less rare so secure they have all traits.

Goblin teams…

Centaurs and Skeletons…

Why bother with legendaries when these two dominate the meta and are both better and far far easier to build…

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Very true, pal.

The best way to farm to level 1,000 is to use a true shot team on the first Khetar challenge. Put difficulty onto the highest it can go with your true shot leads 1 shotting it. Use Lion Armor if you have.

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Very helpful, thank you!

Where best is defined as most tedious?

Okay so most efficient but really really doesn’t sound like fun…

Spirit traitstones aren’t going to farm theirself. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t find it to be too boring. I normally just have videos or music going in the background. It is the quickest method though at around 1-2 minutes per cycle.