What is the best Centaur/Glade teams?


Just recently was so lucky to ascend both Centaur/Glade to epic. It took some time, but it hopefully will be worth it. I am level 101 and have only focused on gold chest to pump up every troop for the future, now its back to leveling up kingdoms!

By the way, I was just wondering about the best teams containing both Centaur/Glade or one of them? I am not sure if I will pump them up just yet, as I have heard rumours that the trait, “True Shoot”, will be tweaked. Correct me if I am wrong.

Thanks for the advice! Cheers…


There’s a variety of options but the most common build involves using a skeleton, a purple mana generator and a skull bomber. For example:

Centaur Scout
Green Slime
Keeper of Souls

Another build that is making the rounds a bit involves blue and red mana generation:

Glade Warden
Hero with Sheggras Heart

If you don’t have those legendaries it’s still really easy to use true shot troops in any aggressive setup. Pair both up with a skeleton and you’re off to the races.


I am having fun with

Glade warden (3 traits)
Bone dragon
Giant spider (2 traits, 2nd not necessarily needed for this team)

I don’t have the 3Rd trait (true shot) on Centaur yet, otherwise I would put him in and Glade out, because Glade has green mana overlap with the Giant spider. Using the +2 purple banner by the way and the 1st trait from the spider is also great for some extra purple.