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Most Satisfying Troops to Use in Arena

Some troops in arena are very straight forward. Atlanta deals damage to all enemies. Yawn. What’s your favorite troop to use that makes you feel like you’ve done something splashy, exciting, or difficult to pull off?

Mad Prophet is a favorite, because he gives everyone 5 Magic (huge in Arena) and costs a whopping 18 Purple.

I like Lucifria because she’s the only troop that can burn all enemies guaranteed. Dimetraxia can, but only 75% chance to do so, and he does scatter damage, whereas Lucifria is single target (you can usually pick off the lowest enemy then with the burn damage).

Ice Witch is a fun one because she gives 3 Magic to allies if she can manage to kill an enemy (I believe she does 10 damage). If you set her up right to get that killing blow, you can cascade lots of damage out of her.

Mist Stalker is a better version of her, because although he only gives himself 3 magic if the enemy dies, he deals true damage, so it’s easier to get the bonus. You can’t target his ability though, it hits the weakest enemy.


I can’t recall any of their names, I like using the troops who explode a gem and do damage based on how many of x color gems being destroyed in the process. Some are similar to that with the column/row.

There are a couple of troops who do this but provide atk, arm, or hp. They are useful as well.

I should go look for their names, it may help newer players.


I like the ones that do triple damage to certain color, but has 50% change to hit the wrong enemy, exciting and rewarding when successful.

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My top pick is… Villager, he’s a great tank with all those transformations into Werewolf :wink:


Elwyn! Insta kill anything in one shot every time.

Roc and Sand Scuttler become extremely powerful if they can cast their one-time spell. Most of the one-time cast troops are fantastic in Arena.

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My favourite is Lapina Explorer

Destroy a row and column. Knock one of the first 2 Enemies to the back. Then deal [Magic + 4] damage to the first 2 Enemies, boosted by Green Gems destroyed. [4x]


Armored Boar :heart:


Life steal troops get interesting. Also any of the faction troops with 1:1 boost ratios that include two colors of gems on the board are quite strong (indrajit warrior and hunter, frostfire witch, not sure if others)

Edit: also any troop that can target a doomskull via explode or destroy somehow, even peasant can become quite mighty

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Strygik, KoboldMagi, Rock Spirit are a few of my favs. Love that boosted scatter damage.


There are so many that are not good anywhere else in the game but really shine in arena.

On top of many that have been mentioned already, I like Lasher and Midge Swarm.

Ironjaw is better than it looks at first glance.

I also really like dragon egg and baby dragon. Lots of fun to have getting a surprise dragon troop. :grin:


Lava Elemental

Rock Spirit

The “boss” epics

Sir Gwayne

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Volthrenax, Lapina Warrior, Lucifina? [Burns all enemys]

Arcanus is also quite fun I’ve been reminded today.

Baihu as well.

Sifu Yuan

In general, troops that enchant themselves and/or others are nice, especially damage dealers.

Plus anything that burns enemies.

And that dude, what’s his face, that gives a bunch of armor to everyone and summons… Loveand hate him equally, depending which team he’s on.

My favorite: Lapina Explorer .

Whole list:
Epic: Strygik - Volthrenax - Elwyn - Zephyros
Ultra-Rare: Lapina Explorer - Lasher
Rare: Ranger

Baby Dragon, because turning into a random Dragon is fun

Rock Worm, in first place; with good luck on the initial board and skyfalls, it can loop through the entire opposing team without them ever getting a turn.

Oclaren is awesome in Arena.

Baba Yaga is fun as well. Damage, silence, summon a troop that does higher damage on silenced troops - nice.

Thunderforge - A zero attack unit in 1st position what are you thinking? Oh, you can cast on yourself for double the effect. Cool.

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