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Most efficient way to level kingdoms?

Actually if you were trying to maximize the potential for tributes to occur, you’d raise the kingdom to 10. Sure it’s only 1-2% more but if we are talking greatest odds, you wouldn’t handicap yourself by staying at 9.

But enough. Points were made all around except for 1.

Set your home kingdom to either Whitehelm or Wild Plains since that will double the tribute reward so that way you’re sure to maximize glory earned each time that kingdom’s chance comes up.

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Already done. As mentioned in other threads it seems yo be the most popular to set as.

I was mentioning that in general for the op, not you specifically since you are far more the veteran here.

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6k glory from tributes in one week? Crikey. Can I ask what level and star rating you’re roughly at on glory kingdoms?

OP likes @Shiratori’s advice. Haha. To @killerman3333, as I started within the last week, I am nowhere near being able to 3-star my kingdoms, and I’ve been playing a ton. Eventually they’ll get there :slight_smile:

Console FTW! :smiley:

CRIKEY Indeed!

I average 3.025 Kingdom tributes per collection. Each collection giving 23.84 Glory per Collection at time of last sample. That would be mean I need roughly 252 collections per week to get 6k.

The problem being there is only 168 total hours in a week.

All my Kingdoms level 10, half are 3 star+ the other half are 2+ .

Love the data, be great if it was all logged automatically

I did the math a bit differently. (All kingdoms assumed maxed in level and power)

Whitehelm: 40% chance for 20 glory = 8 average glory per collection
All others: 20% chance for tribute from 104 total glory = 20.8 average glory per collection

Total average glory collection per hour = 28.8
Total possible weekly collections if collected EVERY possible hour: 167 (at least one second must pass between collections)

Total average weekly glory with all kingdoms maxed: 4,809.6

Seems pretty improbable to get 6k per week, what with sleep and eating and working (or developing :wink:)

Did you calculate for whitehelm being home kingdom?

I believe I did. Double tribute and chance from power and double for home kingdom. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Didn’t get much sleep last night :tired_face:

SwaveBum made a mistake on his formula, HOWERVER one would obtain the Same result. 8. So it is irrelevant.

20% Chance for x40 Glory = 8

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So based on the above it is 20% of 124 glory; potentially 24.8 glory per hour. If someone played 2 hours every single day you could achieve 347.2 glory per week.

As I’m nowhere near those tributes or tribute percentages I’d imagine I’m closer to 150. Not quite as exciting as 6k.

No, he just made a mistake on Whitehelm, but it is irrelevant.

28.8 per collection is the correct Theoretical number. Although… I did not verify the addition he made off screen for each kingdom… and can’t right now so I’ll assume they are correct.

Don’t forget you’ll also get 16 per day for signing in and 100 at the end of the week (assuming rank 1). So that’s an extra 212. and the glory to get to rank 1 at 3 per battle.

Thanks for the correction. Sleep deprivation >.< This game is hell on my sleeping schedule. I have a 9-5 job, but as I see the clock get closer and closer to 1am I keep telling myself “Just one more move…” haha

1 other thing. 2 updates from now should bring the 2.0 version of PvP where glory is even more available than it is now. If you have a strong team you can earn 4-9 glory per PvP match. Along with kingdom tributes, if you are an active PvP player, it can add up real fast.

Ah okay. Still, I’d imagine the average player could take 2-3 weeks to get enough for one of the weekly event troop

Not True,

On mobile so this is going to be rough

Beginning player All level 5 Kingdoms, all Kingdoms unlocked, NO Stars at all.
5% 72 Glory = 3.6 Glory per collection
You said 14 collections per week = 50.4

PvP rank 1 plus a few extra games for fun 40 wins = 120 glory
Rank 1 weekly reward = 100 glory
Rank 1 per day sign in bonus 16 = 112 by end of week

Weekly 382.4 Glory, basically just by getting to rank 1.
Do a few Treasure Maps and you have 400.

EDIT there is no reason you can’t double the tribute to 4 collections per day: morning, x2 while playing, before bed. I’ve been keeping Gems open in the background while watching TV/Movie then during a commercial I’ll collect the tribute.

Robert, a big component of the resource production comes from a strong guild. Guilds tasks are fed with gold, which mostly comes from PvP grind. A decent amount can come from your kingdom tributes, if you keep up with them hourly… but, yeah. Above average performing guilds can generate 100+ glory keys daily and similar amounts of gems, plenty do more I’m sure.

Glory, in my case, is mainly coming from PvP… you get a decent dump from getting to tier 1 (not rank) each week. That can be done 1-2 days comfortably. Not counting match rewards of 4+ glory or the bonuses from rival / revenge or defense… the tier 1 will earn you 275 total glory once a week. That takes about 32 wins.

In addition, each PvP match gives you 4+ glory for the win as well. So that’s another 32x4 glory or 128 glory in your initial climb. Assumes you are playing the top / hardest match of the 3 options you are presented. It also doesn’t account for ongoing defense rewards or if you get either the Rival or Revenge modifier on one of your match options. So that’s even more Glory. The per match, rival, revenge and defense glory is all ongoing (grind).

You also get ~4K gold on avg per match in PvP. That feeds guild, kingdoms, chests, etc. Eventually dump it all into guild… generate more keys, gems and souls from community guild tasks… spend keys and gems wisely.


Since you mentioned time… I just ran a quick 4 pvp games, to see what kind of time / rewards generation I could get from the grind… I’m lv 262 using a sooth, valk, mab, valk team (full trait) in this test and rank 6,233 on the boards.

      • Start sample + + +

Unlock phone, launch game, log in, accept all blinking stuff and get into match screen, ~90 sec
Playing 1st game against highest opponent (behemoth, shadow hunter, valk druid), ~90 sec

  • 6 turn game (not counting consecutive bonus turns I generate)
  • Won 3 trophies, 4 glory, 2631 gold, 120 souls and 1 trait stone
    Receive rewards, get back to pvp screen, pick highest enemy, load back into game ~45 sec

Complete 2nd match against top option team, ( 180 sec, Sooth, Mab, Valk, Mab) ~130 sec

  • 7 turn (plus multi-bonus turns)
  • Won 3 trophies, 4 glory, 3705 gold, 120 souls, 1 trait
    Receive rewards, get back to pvp screen, pick highest enemy, load back into game ~40 sec

Complete 3rd match against top option (all mythic all trait… Maw, War, Famine, Mercy) ~180 sec

  • 8 turns (plus bonus match turns)
  • 3 trophies, 4 glory, 5109 gold, 120 souls, 1 trait
    Get back in match for fourth battle ~40 sec

Complete 4th battle, (Hob, Boar, Gob, Gob King), ~240 sec (4 min, they always take me longer)

  • 8 turn game (plus bonus turns)
  • 3 trophy, 4 glory, 4134 gold, 120 souls, 1 map, 1 trait
    Get back to match up screen (did not select next opponent) ~25 sec

Just cranking through the PvP grind as quick as reasonable with a win and rounded up on times… So, at worst ~880 sec (14.6 min) for 12 trophies, 16 glory, 15,579 gold, 480 souls, 1 map and 4 trait stones. I’m sure others will tell you that’s slow and you can put up far better numbers, I just did a random quick test and all of my minions are not mythic, so YMMV.

      • end sample + + +

There’s always Treasure Hunt, but for me it’s mind numbing and counter productive… to each his own. Playing to get one maps just so you I go play again to figure out what my map reward turns into is double playing for less rewards in my book… and its lottery rewards… and it doesn’t count toward leveling, class progression, etc so far too long to get far too few resources for me. Early on, it can be a necessary evil. My kids like the TH game though, so I let them grind that out for me when they are in the mood… and yet, I still have over 100 :worried:

The weekly event troops run 300 or 400 glory. If you save your glory for the events and use your keys / gems wisely, you have options. How much / fast you play will also determine if you can do far better.

Hope that helped,

There are so many errors in Tactica’s post concerning a NEW CONSOLE player I don’t even know were to begin.

Bottle this reply up and open it for Christmas when it will most likely be relevant. (You will have the PC updates and be much higher rank)

@Strat with respect, when I was responding to @Robert above, he supplied a comment that was in regard to PC and was calculating glory after having a number of kingdoms leveled up, all of them in fact to a point. he then supposed that even with that amount, of tribute alone, on PC with those kingdoms, that he would not be able to generate enough Glory for some time… or, that’s how I took / read his line of thinking.

My response was to him, from that perspective… since, I only recently got all of my kingdoms to lev 10, and only have 2 at 3 stars… and thus posted my level and rank currently as a new week just started.

So, though your read of my response may have been from a new to PC / mobile perspective, that was not my intent as per the context I was reading above… which I tried to clearly spell out with level, rank and cards… my apology if context wasn’t clear.