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Most efficient way to level kingdoms?

So I have all of my kingdoms at levels 5-6 and I’m planning on leveling a few specific ones (magic first) to level 10 for the bonus.

How did/do you guys level them? All at the same level, or a few rushing to 10?

Get each magic kingdom to 10 first: Currently Zhul’Kari, Karakoth, and Darkstone.

Then the attack kingdoms, then life, then armor. That usually is the recommended order when leveling.


I would focus on getting the Magic kingdoms leveled, then Attack. After that, focus on getting the kingdoms with 8+ Troops finished first.

You should also be getting your Kingdoms Power levels to 1 Gold Star and then 3

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I bumped them all to 6 to get reasonable chance increases without much cost, then focused on taking one to 10 at a time.

However, which you take to 10 may way on a few factors:

  • skill bonus to your team (magic, attack, health, armor)
  • tribute bonus (soul, gold or glory)
  • which cities have the troops you like to use (which you will push power up ie. kingdom stars with)

The magic kingdoms, the attack kingdoms and whitehelm are pretty important. Depending on cards you have, how/what you play and goals in game will determine what you need mostly. I wanted Whitehelm as my home as it gives most glory tribute, so for me I did magic kingdoms then whitehelm, then attack cities.

The next couple for glory are pan’s vale and wild planes. I put those on the short list too.

After all the above were done, I worked on the health and armor cities. However doing health before armor, within those I still focused on the best tribute cities as I moved through them.


Thanks for the replies everyone. Like @Tactica I figured that it was relatively cheap to get them to 5-6 each for the masteries. When I get home tonight I’ll focus on the magic kingdoms as that will work well with my main deck. Looks a like a lot of PvP for me tonight. ha

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Glory kingdoms, first then start working on getting 3 stars in each kingdoms. Highest glory to lowest glory. That is just me though.

You ABSOLUTELY want to get every kingdom to 5 or 6 before taking any of them further. Not for the mastery, but for the increase in tribute chance!

Glory tribute is absolutely the best way to earn glory each week. Last week I earned about 6k glory from tributes alone. Maximizing tribute is all about (in order of importance)

1 - Get all kingdoms to level 5/6.
2 - Get all glory kingdoms to 1 gold star of Kingdom Power.
3 - Get all kingdoms to level 10.
4 - Get all kingdoms to 1 gold star.
5 - Get all glory kingdoms to 3 gold stars.
6 - Get all kingdoms to 3 gold stars.

Going for 5 gold stars gives more stat bonuses & income, but does not increase your tribute chances. This is the end-game prioritization list, which is limited by glory more than any other resource.


Your order of doing the kingdoms if different from mine but yet somehow slightly similar.
1 - Get all kingdoms to level 5.
2 - Get all glory kingdoms to level 9.
3 - Get all kingdoms to 1 gold star.
4 - Get all glory kingdoms to 3 gold stars.
is my order of doing things as far as kingdom leveling goes.

Despite the bug, which should be fixed on the next update, I wouldn’t advocate raising kingdoms to level 9. You’re deliberately handicapping yourself and decreasing your tribute chances.

Further, I wouldn’t necessarily push all my resources to getting the Glory Kingdoms (Whitehelm and Wild Plains) to 3* unless you already are close. The former has a 9th troop that should be out really soon which makes it much easier to raise a kingdom’s power level so you’re probably better off waiting for that. Wild Plains only has 7 troops so you’ll really need to invest more resources right now to get them to 3*

Yes, them at 3* is real useful, but again, return on investment. If you have to overspend to get them to 3* right now, there’s nothing wrong with waiting a little until their 9th and 8th troops are released to make the job a little easier.

I am only sticking to getting them to level 9 and 3 stars for shadow playing. Seeing as i have the trait stones for certain commons getting 3 stars on a kingdom with only levels should not be hard considering there are 18 glory kingdoms so if i get stuck on one then i can just move to another.

I like how you conveniently omitted the 2 I was referring to as Glory kingdoms specifically since those 2 by far provide the largest sums and why to maybe hold back a little on just resource dumping into them since they’re both due more troops, especially Whitehelm. This way you have more resources available for the other kingdoms where you may have to trait more troops.

As for only leveling a kingdom to 9, I think you’re the only one who plays like that and when you mentioned it the first time in another thread I don’t remember anyone else agreeing with that strategy. It works for you, fine. I still don’t think anyone would agree that’s an overall sound strategy though.

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I have to agree with @Shiratori It seems to me (keep in mind I just started Wednesday) that it would be better to take a kingdom from 9 to 10 for the bonus rather than level all others from say 5 to 6. Leveling all the others from 5 to 6 will get you more tribute by a little bit, but with one more magic, I can farm faster. Farming faster means more PvP battles which means I can level all of my other kingdoms faster.

There definitely seems to be a point where going from leveling all kingdoms evenly to leveling some to 10 is most efficient. For me, I’m leaving my kingdoms at 6 and now going for 10 in magic. I’ll upgrade my kingdom power as I can with the souls I naturally get farming for gold.

Valkyrie will be your best friend. Also, 1 thing that wasn’t mentioned is that Kingdom level and power are a bit independent of each other. Level comes from Gold. Power from troops (chests mostly), their levels (souls), and traits (traitstones). So you could do both at the same time and not really have a conflict.

Midleveling all to 5 is usually a good start just to start getting more tributes but yeah, then pushing some to 10 should help more.

Also if you complete the quest line and challenges for a kingdom, that should raise the amount of gold tribute that kingdom will produce.

I have 128 troops so I consider PvP gold farming with Valkyrie for extra souls so I can level those troops. Seems like a win/win for now. Still in love with my Herdmaster, soothsayer, Valkyrie, druid team :smiley:

If you get Soothsayer fully traited (only needs 2 Forest so not that hard to farm), you may consider a 2nd one in place of Herdmaster. This will give 2 curses as well and a chance to fill things quickly while buffing Druid too.

I’ll try that. Need the arcane stones. Have 0 right now.

Do all the Zaejin challenges (on Hard). You should be able to get at least 1 which is half of what you’d need. Then once they’re all 5* (have your best soul bonus armor on too for this), redo the first challenge until the next one drops.

the two you mentioned are lumped with the 18 total. they are level 9 already. Also i play on steam so as far as troops go, i am good on troops for those kingdoms. Also it was underdog that agreed with my strat if memory serves correctly. The reason for leveling to 9 was outlined in multiple parts of the forum. Think of it as purposefully altering who i face in pvp if you need to.

Wonderful. This is a console discussion though where we don’t have 9 troops for Whitehelm yet or 8 for Wild Plains and we still have the old PvP matchmaking so some strategies for the PC should very well be adjusted because of what is and isn’t available.

Case in point. I 5* Ghulvania. After that Whitehelm has 1* (Gold). Most have a grey star, a couple have none. Why? Cause Ghulvania has 10 troops and I bought a whole lot of them for the traitstones and got lucky on pulling the rest. I wouldn’t even come close to suggesting anything like that on Console since at the moment Zhul’Kari is the only kingdom with 9 troops. Things have to be planned a little better because the ability to power level kingdoms are that much tighter. Not impossible for the 8+ troop kingdoms. Just harder and tighter.

That’s why some waiting may be more beneficial in the long run. If you have it and want it though, then great go for it. If you don’t, then waiting a little may be leas frustrating in the long run.

Yes i am aware of this fact. I only outlined what was similar and different in our point of views in leveling kingdoms. You guys probably do not have all 18 glory kingdoms yet and someone will clearly take the advice of a dev over a player in normal circumstances. Also it should be easily possible to get a kingdom to 3 stars with only 7 troops but that does not matter when it is only good for doubling the chance of tribute. Also those are glory kingdoms that can give as little as 1 glory to as much as 40 glory. Forcing their chances for glory is my method. His is a more completionist view or beginner move someone should choose over my method.