Most armor points in the GOW


It made in Grosh-Nak Quests with level 13 Gorgotha(my favorite troop), Alastair(cause of those armors) and Luther(he is so passive and my ‘‘last chance’’ troop). Battle lasts so long because of Summoners. They summoned so many Ghouls and increased their lives.


I’ve no idea what were you expecting, you have no damage on that comp. Only support type of troops.


I don’t know did you ever used Gorgotha because it is a great support. If you use his skill, it don’t give major damage but it can get mana for your all troops and causes minor but continuous damages. Luther doesn’t do any job but i don’t need him because Gorgotha and Alastair does great job.


Well yeah, because you usually use Gorgotha to fill your carry’s spells. Not to fill other supports spells. Also, if you are using Luther you should use a skull “creater” such as Keeper of Souls or Sheggra, even the Skeleton would be fine. At least if you don’t want all your fights to be 10 min long. As an advisement I’d told you to change your Luther for a Paladin (You say you aren’t using him anyway) and your hero weapon to red. That way you could benefit much more from the armor yo gain from Alastair and also have somekind of damage into your comp.


I’ll change Luther soon, but i haven’t got any luck for getting Sheggra(but i want it so bad) so i am doing quest in Grosh-Nak for Dark Song. She fits to my army with her mana colours, also she has a great major damage skill(and i need it)


Yeah, that could be a fine choise too. ^^