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Lower Level PVE Team advice

Having a tough time getting advice for lower level questing. I am 50ish and have been using Hero (Archer/Sylvasi), Valk, Tyri, Luther. It’s effective, but some quest fights are getting tougher and I don’t want to waste resources leveling troops I won’t use long.

I have farmed up a large number of rare and ultra rare troops, have several epics, but my only Lengendary troops are Moloch and Gloom Leaf…

Any advice?

You don’t need either of those 2 legends.

That team should be fine for around your level. There isn’t too much that can be built with a Valkyrie/Tyri combo, but it is needed to farm everything. With that specific team I would say to wait until you get a really good brown/blue drop like Behemoth (legend), Emperor Khorvash (legend), or War (mythic).

It may also help to switch up your weapon. Sylvasi Blades is a really good early game weapon, but without a green generator it doesn’t do too much. Your current team is also slightly too skull dependent. If your hero dies, your team is only doing skull damage as 100% of your damage. You should try to avoid this as much as possible especially since you are likely seeing troop with the stoneskin trait. Stoneskin reduced skull damage by 50%.

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Thanks for the input. I agree on the skull dependency, and I think that’s what makes it tough. I will try swapping weapons. Should I leave Luther or maybe swap for Vamp Lord or something else with true damage?

Luther is fine in the team for now, but it should probably be in 1st slot so that your casting hero weapon doesn’t get killed so quickly. Don’t bother wasting traitstones on Luther’s traits though. The only troop you need traited in that team is Valkyrie.

Also, make sure you are using a hero class with green magic bonus if you are using a green weapon. You can get one from Forest of Thorns of Zhul’kari questline.

It would NOT hurt to trait Luther’s first trait, it isn’t costly and gives him a nice bonus all around if he’s in Slot 1.

EDIT to add the word “not”.

Great. Thank you both. I am a few trait stones short for Luther, But I will try that out.

Luther isn’t fantastic later - the whole reliance on skulls can lead to long, boring matches - but if you can pair him with a skull generator he’s still good. Even Skeleton. In fact, Skeleton is excellent. Regardless, I remember being where you are, and despite all that’s changed since then, I’m pretty sure Luther is going to be the best thing that’s ever happened to you for quite a while yet.

Not entirely sure about traiting him but Leader is reasonably powerful.

The Leader trait is very useful at Mcgoo’s level. But Shimrra, I agree that traiting Luther is a Catch-22 since we don’t use him much later on, and by traiting him now a player is using up precious resources that would be put to better use traiting an Emperor Khorvash later.

I suppose because of that, if I were in @ChunksMcgoo’s position, I would also hold off on traiting Luther.

Regarding starter builds:
I know a lot of people use Tyri for farming and because she’s a reasonable mana generator. But I’ve never used Tyri except twice, because it’s VALKYRIE who normally generates Treasure Maps for me.

So might I suggest a team that’s easy to assemble, with better spell and skull damaging capacity, would look something like this:

Hero with brown or purple weapon
Druid, Sabertooth Lion, or Rowanne (blue/green)
Sunweaver (blue/yellow)
Banner: Blue or Blue/Yellow

For the hero, I would use a low mana-cost weapon like the Dragonator 8000, or Warden’s Gauntlets for the mana generation, but if you want to go ahead with Creeping Death, go for it.

Rowanne you can pick up by completing the Forest of Thorns questline, and Sunweaver from Wild Plains. Valkyrie generates enough mana to power up your chosen blue troop and Sunweaver. Sunweaver keeps everyone alive with increased life, armor, and attack, and can restore Druid/Rowanne’s damage capacity if they get targeted by the A.I.

I might add that the AI does seem to target the troop that provides the most damage capacity or ability give other troops damage capacity. So in your Hero/Archer-Valk-Tyri-Luther build, the AI probably keeps targeting Luther, and you don’t have a way of recovering from that. Sunweaver can help you there if you want to substitute her instead of Luther in your build.

Finally if you eventually manage to pull Shadow Hunter, I’ll refer you to TaliaParks’ “Original Blue” team build for a faster game. Unfortunately Shadow Hunter is $#@! difficult to get out of chests the first time around on both PC and console, so I wish you good luck there :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the insight, I will try this out. Moving Luther first was helpful.

I don’t have Shadow Hunter yet, though I did get Kruarg since posting. Also have a lot of things I see posts on for higher end builds like Manticore, Brian the Lucky, Blade Dancer, etc.