More "when taking skull damage" traits

Currently we have 3 troops that do something when they take skull damage:

Bone Dragon freezes whoever hits him
Sheggra burns whoever hits her
Hydra does damage to the team when someone hits it

We need more of these!

A legendary plant creature that snares when hit.
A mucus golem that inflicts poison and/or disease when hit.
A giant iron golem that inflicts stun when hit (consider the recoil when hitting iron with a hammer)
A giant bell that inflicts silence when hit (a stretch, but the sound makes it so nobody can hear you after)


I would love that install stops skull spam in its tracks

Not a bad idea!

Humility is any damage to his life, not just skull damage.

If you really want to stop SKull Spamming then add this:

Fighter’s Focus: Gain mana when you take dmg (5:1)

a little different subject but how about:

silences enemy caster when being directly targeted by a spell

We also have that tree you know that returns damage. Legendary from forest of thorns.

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Gloom leaf? He’s kinda crap. Unless he gains stoneskin he’s still going to be crap

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Buffing Gloomleaf has been discussed (and requested) several times. It’s likely the Devs are looking at him.

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