New anti skull damage buff Skull Ward

I have seen a lot of hate for skull damage going around and I really think they have it in a good place and I don’t even use skull teams. I feel adding a blessing that could help weaken the damage might release some of the skull hate the community has.That and I like theory crafting.

Skull Ward- The next time this unit would take skull damage reduce that damage by 50%. Stacks up to 3 times.

Special rule: Troops with traits that reduce skull damage take the higher of the reductions. Barrier is used first if troop has both.

I feel the barrier special rule is a given but I wanted to clarify.

To clarify - this is a positive status effect that can be bestowed upon your Allies, and the 3 stacks would amount to 3 uses of the 50% reduction, as opposed to to 150% reduction?

Yes that is correct

Since this would need time to be applied, it doesn’t really help when in the early game where it matters most.

I’d much prefer they fixed the rate of skull appearances. This entire class event, it felt like I saw an average of 14 skulls on the table at any one point.

Part of me thinks that skulls and doomskulls are their own separate category of gem spawns and don’t affect the spawn rate for their counterpart.

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