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Raid Godslayer troop

The Godslayer troop should be able to do 3-5x skull damage to any troop within the raid environment and that would make them way more useful what do you guys think about that?


Agree, and I’ve proposed similar before. The spell and skull damage boosts should be either (1) permanent in Raid games or perhaps (2) apply whilst the Boss is present.


The raid troop shouldn’t be basically useless for most of the fight.


Honestly this raid troop has been the most useful out of all of them.

If she fills up when the boss is close to its ability, and I know she’s not going to zap it, I’m often tempted to hold her skill. If she survives, the summon is a good shot at recovery. It’s random, but sometimes I get Draakulis or Death and they can really turn the tide of the battle. Even when I don’t luck out, the summoned troop soaks up some damage and gives me more time to damage the boss.


Good suggestion, Goodpal! :slight_smile:

Here’s an alternate idea that makes the Godslayer sort of OP but also makes sense given the name “Godslayer”:

What if troop could only target the boss for skull damage? What I mean is if you put Morterra in slot 1, and you matched 3 skulls, she would do her skull damage to the boss, not any of the other troops. Once the boss is killed, you face a drawback: now she effectively has an attack of 0.

This gives that third trait some more merit and introduces a bit of a gamble. The Godslayer’s utility already drops when the boss is slain, and having a Slot 1 0-attack troop is a pretty big problem.

As it is, I’m not sure if across all of the raids so far my Godslayer has ever done skull damage to a boss. The only situation where I can see it happening is if we’re in a raid where I have access to troops like Dust Devil. Conceivably some hero weapons can also do it, but let’s be realistic: we all know Mang is the only weapon worth using once you get to relatively high levels.

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The second option is pretty much what the situation is at the moment, though.

Once the Boss is dead, there’s no benefit to the Boss Slayer and it’s pretty much dead weight.

There are times when I’ve killed the Boss and deliberately arranged things so the enemy troops kill mine simply to get a quick end to the game rather than spend ages trying to grind out a win for no extra benefit.

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The second option isn’t the same as current: it’s a marginal buff that would create some different decision-making - you could choose to hit a Valraven ( or something else) for mega damage at the risk of not hitting the Boss and the risk of it casting its spell…

Or… If a certain troop is designed to fight a certain Raid Boss. If the Raid Boss stuns all troops… Make the said troop immune to it.
I have yet to use the extra skull damage. Because by the time I can do skull damage to the boss with Morterra… she’s stunned.


Or she’s dead!

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The fodder enemies, in general, are just much too bulky, especially in the level 200+ range. Applying Godslayer’s trait and spell boosts to the entire raid team would be one be one way to sort of get around this, but we still have the problem of this severely pigeonholing potential raid team comps and having one high value unit that would be terrible to have be the one thing the boss targets randomly. Another way to solve the same issue would be just to not have the fodder be so bulky…

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People are still getting through them without excessive difficulty though. I’m almost at level 300 and have only lost once.

I do agree it’s tedious though and doesn’t provide much variety, it’s mang or bust for me.

Of which after 2 sessions… They caught on to. So to make it more annoying… Let’s throw Dust Devil in the mix! :smiling_imp:… Oh you adjusted your team to account for his cast? Awesome!..“Valraven, I choose you!”.