More variety on how to get Event Stones

I loved the week we had to summon demons ! (and to some extend, the week to summon dragons)
I would love to have to imagine how to “beat” the event conditions each time.

Some ideas :

  • 1 stone each time a troop is transformed during your turn
  • 1 stone per allied troop dying during your turn
  • 1 stone per fight won without casting more than 4 spells
  • 1 stone each time your Hero weapon casts
  • 1 stone if you kill 4 opponent troops in the same turn
  • 1 stone for winning a game you started with 3 troops or less vs 4 opponents
  • 1 stone each time you played 3 extra turns in a row
  • 1 stone for winning a game without damaging any opponent troops armor
  • 1 stone each turn the board has more than 20 of a same color
  • 1 stone each time a not yet damaged ennemy troops dies in a single turn
  • 1 stone when one of your troops gets Attack higher than 4 times the troop initial life. (I can’t compare to initial attack, since some troops have 0 attack)
  • same with Magic levels (2 times only?), or Armor or Life
  • 1 stone at the end of each turn at least one ennemy troop suffers from 2 different negative status effects
  • 1 stone every time you shuffle the board
  • 1 stone for every X skull created
  • 1 stone for every X gem destroyed or exploded
  • 1 stone for every X spell cast by your team
  • 1 stone for every ennemy troop killed (duh, it’s 4 per fight, yeah, go maximize that !)

Some treasure hunt specific ideas :

  • 1 stone per red chest created
  • 1 stone per 4+ match of chests (not coins, nor bags)
  • 1 stone each turn you made 2+ cascades