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Event stones show on initial page

Was just thinking it would be a nice QoL improvement if we could get the number of event stones “from initial troop lineups” to show on the page at the beginning of PVP, where we select from the 3 opponents, rather than having to select one and then see their roster (provided the stones are coming from PVP that event). Just a small change, but it would make grinding faster for those that are focusing on getting the week’s event done as quickly as possible.

And/or perhaps the event stone could show on the “Games” tab if it’s TH, or on the Explore tab if it’s Explore, etc.

Just a thought. :slight_smile:


Yes, I’d also like to see Event Stones on the start page, for example, under Gems. Now they are too deep in the GUI: click “News”, go to “Events”, find a respective event, then finally open it to see how many stones you’ve collected and calculate how many you need for the next reward.

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AMEN! Either that or put the icon by the Gems on the home page or something else equally easy to find.