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More soul weapons for hero!

That’s fair. I thought you were after Soul gain + extra turn, which you only get from 2 sources reliably (Valerie and Banshee) and 1 source unreliably (TDS); Necromancer provides an alternative solution.

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generally 2cast cap alternative solutions is what im after :stuck_out_tongue:
the current variety of choices is very limited especially color-wise

i thought if its added to hero (instead of just making more soul gaining troops) it could open more combinations as hero is more flexible - plus devs did mention they want to rebalance heroes a bit some time later (so there is a hope for it)

If added to the hero via a weapon, instead of a trait, it is no different than being on a troop. Colors are fixed per weapon. (Though I’m likely misunderstanding you.)

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hero traits/perks are still flexible, troop is totally fixed in that comparison

one might for example choose sorcerer magic looping trait another could choose the necro soul looping, or the fast trait etc. but imo looping souls is too slow on its own (matter of preference but i do want to have a choice)

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Cowl of nightmares
Gain (magic) souls boosted by silenced enemies (x5) Silence target enemy

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I see a pattern there xD

What would you call the weapon that does same thing with web? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

People really need to just get over it. Obviously the Devs wanted to slow things down a bit. If they wanted to offer quicker ways to get souls they wouldn’t have made all these changes to bein with.

radioactive spider
or web shooter

i do not know about you, however i am getting more souls than i bargained for. Also hero is amazing and needs more love.

However it would be
web shooter
Gain (magic x3) souls summon dokkalfar boosted by souls obtained, web target enemy.

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The issue is that it now takes 3 casts instead of 2 to hit the cap. You’re getting more souls per match but less matches per hour. That’s the complaint. People want to farm souls at the rate they used to and that’s just not going to happen

For what it’s worth, I agree with you. The devs did not make these changes blindly; they would have modeled the decrease in efficiency and either (a) made their peace with it or (b) had that decrease in efficiency as a driving goal in the first place.


Personally I’m inclined to think it’s B. And that isn’t just confined to souls. They’ve had a need for a while to slow down the economy.

With the cap being 40, and the loss of necromancy that did not raise the cap before, and difficulty not playing a role in cap height in pvp, i understand that valk was played often, and i think mostly it was because she was the best with making souls and did great coverage as a blue generator, this on top of how many great blue troops there are, the devs did a poor job of handling it, however they had felt that valk was seeing way too much play. It was safe to say that for her role that she was overpowered for a support. She was the linchpin to much of the meta for way too long. No one used the other soul generators, and it made sense, they could not keep up with what she could do. Avina has the base capability to 2 cast 40 souls a game. This is without necromancy, but including magic kingdoms giving her 4 magic.Understandable is the fact that she can’t one shot undead in late game but for mid that is what she does. She does not make blue gems however she makes about the same amount of souls as old valkyrie. She is also an epic card from a story line so that alone makes her easier to get than rng chest hunting. The only thing now is that you need the necromancy to boost and i am still waiting for the line-up for avina. Look at lyya’s site, avina can create 14 base souls, then add in magic kingdoms raising that to 22. Math states that if you have a base cap of 40, the least number to 2 cast is 18, or so i was told. We still have speed of two cast, no one has found a fast team (other than my s&m redux) to compete with valk’s meta history. If you want 2 cast souls go avina, if you want meta hype, go valk. I do like this debate though, if i sound angry, i am not and apologize if i sound like a terrible person.
S&M redux. http://ashtender.com/gems/teams/1100,6094,6110,6122

there is more 2 cast cap units in game possible then just avina (banshee, wigh)
however they all go around same colors and thats my main problem (especially purple, man all soul gens are purple or purple/red!)

i wanna see some green or brown 2cast soul generator for example :stuck_out_tongue: and i do want love for hero

perhaps even if it is (b) the feature request here is still valid, we currently have 3 units (and one hero weapon) that can 2cast cap souls (regardless to necromancy added) therefore it would not be too much of a pace change if there was added more, it simply would open more team compositions within the current pace.