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More soul weapons for hero!

something like

phylactery - get its soul gain,

but instead of healing get any effect that has a chance to lead to extra turn or damaging the enemy, please :3

colors dont matter


Merchant’s Blade is coming :soon: :tm:

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merchants blade have low chance to make souls, i want 100% chance to create 20+ souls with just different effect to it


Soul Blade is OK, not as many souls. With Necromancy still at 50%, it works pretty well.

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Do we have a hero that has necromancy? If sothe hero can replace the soul generation of valkyrie.

so far no but i hope necromancer could get it when they rebalance hero classes (then necromancer could actually be used just as well as sorcerer, now sorc is just way better…)

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why so little responce to this feature request?

you guys dont feel a need for a hero weapon that fills soul cap in 2 casts?

atm only weapon that does it is phylactery.
(i dont count merchant blade coz it would do it only at RNG % of times, seriously read the weapond description again guys)

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Not really. While I was here after Valkyrie was introduced, many are still here from the First Age. We’ve farmed thousands or tens of thousands of battles with just the Valkyrie, before the extra magic to boost her. There wasn’t any difficulty boosting gains.

Souls rain down so much faster than two years ago, that you can’t even compare.

I’d rater have more good hero weapons. Weapons with passive bonuses, split damage weapons that scale better off magic, changes to costs., etc.


then i guess maybe you are justt satisfied as used to the past.
i was used to fact that valk was filling cap with 2 casts, not anymore so now im down to banshee and wigh, so i wanted any decent alternative decent as it wouldnt slow me down in comparison to the two but could have different colors hopefully allowing different team compositions.

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Yes I agree with that, but I was thinking in a hero class. Undead hero with necromancy and resurrection could be cool. They can put a bonus of summoned troops by 2 o3 souls per troop resurrect for example.

Another way but yes I’m agree that we need more soul weapon. I also put my own in my old post,:
Souls Steals (robaalmas) - Steal 10 manna points and cause 10 real damage in a enemy. Win 2 souls.

But we are talking about % and not 1 or 2 souls per attack.

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The undead slayer epic and two cast for max souls, too. Avina to the rescue.

avina brings no advantage over what banshee, wigh or even ds would do, it caps 2 casts but at bigger time cost :wink: and covers no new colors, anyway this is about hero and he has only phylactery :stuck_out_tongue:

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I use avina in my main line-up. However a 1 cast max souls weapon would be nice, but to be fair to other weapons it would have to have no other abilities and not be based on magic. This weapon though extreme in cost and spell is still stuck with the soul cap, so even though it can make a ton of souls, you only hit the cap with it and gain no more.
Let’s say
Holy Corruption 30 Blue/yellow/red/green/purple/brown
Gain 500 souls.

Requirement to obtain, have 75 mastery of every color from leveling up.

i think there is no need for 1cast cap solutions,

please bring more color variety for 2cast caps :smile:

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It would actually be one of the most extreme weapons to unlock, well considering we do not have many rainbow weapons or troops.

playing with humility for a bit gets any of 2cast cap units to reach 1cast cap actually :stuck_out_tongue:

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Playing with two necro is enough to get avina up past 40 souls.

DS + 3 with necro = 325+ souls in just 3 casts. easy. Though I would like a hero option.

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i would like another rainbow weapon, maybe we get both?

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in that case you missunderstand me.

i am excluding necromancy from this thread - when i say soul cap i mean cap regardless to what the cap is: when you cast soul gaining ability it rescales to the cap along with necromancy.

a troop needs 18 souls in the spell description to cap in 2 casts regardless what the cap is.

avina caps just as well as banshee and wigh, but she is worse then banshee/wigh/ds depends on what criteria you use she will never win :

  • ds gets the overall while covering exact same colors done better then avina, has chance for extra turn
  • banshee covers purple, has situational guaranteed extra turn and deals just as heavy damage
  • wigh covers red and has a lame chance to extra turn, lame but still a chance
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