Got a necromancer but max amount of souls not changed


Xbox One

My current team is
Hero Necromancer with Celestial Armour, Dragon Soul, Spirit Fox and Lady Ironbeard.

I read the support page about souls and it said with a necromancer my max souls that can be earned in battle should go up 50% so up to 60 from 40 but it’s still at 40 meaning I’m only earning 82 souls every battle rather than the 120 odd

Is this a game bug or am I doing something wrong?


Sorry, but yeah, you misunderstood. Not the Nercomancer class, but a troop with the Necromancy trait; easiest example to look at would be the Warlock troop.


Ahhhh. Right thanks. Seems a bit daft then to call it a Necromancer class then not give the necromancer ability. No wonder it confuses people.

What is the advantage to the class then over any other or is it all just a cosmetic wording?


Hero “Necromancer” give 1 single Soul on 4-5 matches if I recall. It been abysmal so long (since release) I’m sure its some kind of internal developer joke aimed at new players.

As indicated above you want Necromancy


Yeah, looking at the class myself, nothing seems to stand out about it. I guess if I was making an Undead team, and I had a weapon I wanted to use with it, I’d use it just for the purposes of having my Hero count as Undead.


Thanks guys. Sounds like I have a bit more work to do then.