Maximum Souls Count per Game Keeps Changing

What’s happening to the maximum souls collectable per game?

Before “the” UI update, it was 60. Then after “the” UI change, it went down to 40. Then when “the” UI update was first fixed, it went back to 60. Today, after yet another UI “fix” it’s gone back down to 40.

Could the devs please tell us exactly what the max Gem count is supposed to be, and then leave it alone?

…PC version

The maximum will change based on the number of troops you have with Necromancy in your team. The base is 40 and for each Necromancy troop it increases by 20. (Pharos-Ra will increase it by a larger amount as his soul bonus is larger too) We haven’t changed the base souls value in any of the recent updates.

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Yes, I realize that. I have troops with necromancy (Warlock, traited) . I’m using exactly the same team today as I was yesterday. I still just get 40 max. Yesterday I got 60.

It’s gone back to 60 again…

Maybe I made a mistake but I really don’t think so. I’ll keep an eye on it and make sure I’m not suffering from senile Dimetraxia, or the onset of Azura’s Disease. I’m at that age … If it was “finger trouble” on my behalf, I apologize for wasting your time.