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More soul weapons for hero!

It seems i have, my apologies are yours to have. [quote=“Annaerith, post:20, topic:15178”]
a troop needs 18 souls

Why 18 and not 20?

you gain remaining 4 souls by winning :wink:

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Oh, i get it! That makes so much sence.

The days when kingdom levels was based on its troops and couldn’t be bought with gold? :open_mouth:


yet i havent manage to convince you a hero needs more soul generatin weapons that are on par with the existing 2cast cap units? thats missfortunate :disappointed:

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I made a recommendation on a hero weapon that could be debated over. Is it too much to get or is there something wrong with it? Here is another one i thought if
Tangled fury Green/purple
Gain (magic x2) souls boosted by entangled troops (x5), entangle target troop.

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i generally perceive ‘no like’ as no support to the idea presented in
maybe im doing it wrong but i think its like votes? i mean when it comes to feature requests :stuck_out_tongue:

thats why i assumed you dont like the idea as you did not ‘liked’ it :stuck_out_tongue:

and yeah i liked:

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I see how it can be seen that way. I try not to toot my own horn, i either contribute to the topic or like a topic that i see no reason to contribute to. This is why i always have hearts to use. Oh here is another one
Love bites Red/purple
Steal (magic+2) health. Gain souls boosted by health stolen x3 40% to devour humans.

Mandragora Charm (green/purple)
gain (magic/2) souls boosted by enemy life 1:2
and either freeze or drain or stun it, if the target already was under the effect that was rolled (or had no mana to begin with if mana drain was rolled) - gain extra turn

but to be honest i actually try to make the least specific feature requests i can so that devs do not have to worry about any copyrights.
coz as of now we might actually be doing ourselves worst favor by blocking best ideas from devs use due to the copyrights issue…

and as for no likes - i think when devs are browsing fearure requests they do notice likes and not always have time to count all the “positive” commenting ppl who have not liked the thread - so when you do it your way your support might be not noticed in the end when it needs to (just a guess)

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you might be right. [quote=“Annaerith, post:29, topic:15178”]
have time to count all the “positive” commenting

This actually gets counted in the overall likes when browsing forum topics i believe. It is how i was able to get some of my like badges. That is what i mean by tooting my own horn. just by liking everyone in the thread i made the topic raise another 20ish likes.

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i can see the idea but from my perspective now it only has 2 supporters and me :stuck_out_tongue: thank you

144 souls isn’t good enough for the soul blade with every round? (that’s what I am raking in at the moment)

Seems good to me… is there something better I don’t know about because I am on a soul quest to get my troops levels

I like the Idea too…

I like the weapon, but I’d give it a different name… something like “Extracting Roots”? …Something that actually kinda better fits what it does ^^

Havent we found a solution for that yet? Couldn’t someone just make a “By liking/commenting to this thread i agree to let go of any copyrights i have to any ideas i state on this forum” thread? :angry:

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isnt Soul Blade (yellow/blue) giving only 10 flat souls per cast?
what am i missing? :confused:

I was thinking of ivy from the batman series for my name, your name better fits the effect.

Get Celestial Armor and have Acolyte fully traited on your team. I have him sitting third spot so he survives. 144 if I get all 4 souls with the Soul Blade.

you are talking about souls result for a wictory after recalculating all the bonuses, and just skipping how many times you would have to cast that soul blade, arent you?
amount of necromancers added in has nothing to do with the amount of casts to cap. your soul blade is just slow.

I support this message

It would be nice to have a viable soul generator replacer for heroes

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In my opinion, the devs should buff Necromancer’s third trait to 3 or 4 souls per 4-match. That way you could use a Hero with whatever weapon you like, and a looping team, and gain those souls passively instead.


id prefer hero classes traits to be balanced as well as more soul weapons added - those two are imo separate subjects :stuck_out_tongue:

to be honest id prefer hero with necromancy trait and some choice of soul gaining weapons to go with it but i dont mind having choice in between soul gaining trait as another option