More lies from Infinity Plus 2

My theory is, they planned to “boost the rate” prior to having a vault event at the same time. Once they figured it out they decided to “forget” to boost the rate until the majority of the day is over.

It’s not a conspiracy theory when your company shows a consistent trend of “making mistakes” that can be attributed to hopes of making money from those mistakes.

Mail each player a 100 cursed runes if I’m wrong. Your words mean nothing to us anymore. Actions do.


maybe the drop rate is increased but only from 0.1 to 0,2
its like to easter you say "hey i did hide many eggs somewhere but in 3 days you only find one.
so the meaning of this vault event is useless


Nah, the base chance is just so incredibly low that the boost doesn’t really make a difference. Remember the initial drop rate of Heart of Rage? This is basically the same. Infinity Plus Two is perfectly aware that the new gnome only shows up once in a blue moon. You can tell by the announcement, whenever it’s “increased chances” instead of numbers the real data is considered to controversial to publish. :wink:


When the devs talk, this is all I hear: Charlie Brown Teacher Speaking - YouTube

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I’ve farmed 128 gnomes today. 14 of them were Cursed gnomes which gave me 165 Cursed runes + 1vault key.
It’s unfair to say that the chance for Cursed gnome isn’t increased, because the current rate is ~3 times higher than yesterday.
The base chance for them is low, but that’s completely different topic.


Then it is RNG at its best as I have farmed for a couple hours and haven’t seen any.


Well, if you’re taking all of them no wonder we don’t get any. :joy:


How many battles you done or farming for how many hours? I did not get but one in 10 hours farming yesterday.

On switch I have got about 7 total, as opposed to 0 the day before.

10 hours (with breaks) of farming E1 with Dust Devil/3xIronhawk team. More than 1.5k battles.
At the end - 18 cursed gnomes which gave me 221 cursed runes + 1 vault key.

I didn’t count my battles but did the same amount of time - 1 cursed gnome.

I also did 5 GaPs, one of which had 2 cursed gnomes, all others had 0.

In total, I got 17 cursed runes.

We either are the luckiest (you) and unluckiest (me) of players or there’s something wrong with their spawn rates/RNG.


Did not see a single cursed gnome today, what is this Celebration thing…

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I don’t buy this number 18. Especially not with 1.5k battles.

I did 2200 battles and 5 gnomes

Wife 1700 battles and 3

But this person got 18 in 1500. :ok_hand:


It’s the Cursed Gnome Convention, feel free to join in to make it a bit more lively.



I didn’t buy any Soulforge levels (well, you can doubt that too, your choice). Oh, and I wrote more than 1.5k battles. I didn’t count battles, I count gnomes, and my 168 killed gnomes should average to ~1867 battles (well, you can also doubt that the gnome rate during vault event is ~9%, again, your choice).
Maybe you think I was bragging? Firstly, I’m not a new user on this forum and I didn’t lie before that and not going to start now. Secondly, there are players with twice as many battles and cursed runes, there is nothing for me to brag about.
And in case you’re going to start some useless debate… I won’t answer to you, believe in what you want.

@Neritar are we even playing the same game. It looks like you had quite of a blast with the Celebration… :upside_down_face:


I finished 0/105, do you know how many gnomes thats is? I got 5 gnomes.

You said you killed 168 gnomes in total and got 18.

If the deviation in rng is that much…

I’ve got more hours than you. And with the same setup I got 2 Cursed Gnomes in 3 days. That net me all together 11 cursed runes.

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The cake is lie.


No they didn’t lie. The formula is

0 x chance to encounter