More Fraud from Gems of War

Dungeons were released without equally weighted rooms depending on the day. Why should we believe that dragons aren’t equally weighted as well? It’s not a mistake or a bug. It’s FRAUD.

I’m aware my sample size is small. But I just did more testing with it than anyone on the actual Infinity plus 2 staff has done prior to release nor after.

It’s not a coincidence that the only two dragons I’m missing.

Keeps me from crafting either exclusive weapon.

Coincidence? No.
Fraud? Yes.

There’s nothing in game or on here that clearly illustrates how these troops are actually weighted. Curious why the drop Rates for chaos orbs are made available with an in game link. But dragons aren’t. Bending the law instead of breaking it doesn’t make you less of a criminal. Just means you’re smarter than most criminals. Still, ethically deplorable.

PS. I had to write this report in a text message and copy and paste it because you’re website is the opposite of mobile friendly with Samsung Fold 4 regardless of if I use it phone or tablet display. It’s only 2022, no expectations for comparability for a mobile game website to work with my mobile device.


I have 4 dragons too, with one needed for each of the weapons. So what? Crafting one weapon is just one step, in the end I will need all 6 dragons anyway.
And I think Tacet got a 4th dragon this week which will give him the 3 he needs for one of the weapons.

And if you’re so convinced that this game is fraud and everyone involved is a criminal, I don’t understand why you’re still playing it.


I can only speak for myself. But just because the toilet is plugged or the septic tank is overflowing. I don’t sell the house and move on.

I either fix it myself or contact those who can fix it.

This report isn’t for those who are still on a honey moon with the game. The devs don’t want these issues reported in private channels or tickets.

They want it reported publicly.

So if my criticism of their under handed business tactics offends you then I suggest you take your own advice and just don’t read my post. :man_shrugging:

“So what”

If the dragons aren’t equally weighted then that needs to be public data. I addressed that in my report and also showed the troops that are clearly weighted to show the expected differences.


Calling it fraud sounds like an accusation of a crime to me, not a bug report …

But anyway, you are right about one thing. I can walk away from the negativity in the forum and just play the game I still enjoy!


It’s either fraud or bug.

This literally happened less than a week ago with Dungeons after players pointed out how the RNG wasn’t equal for each room. So the devs “fixed” it and claimed it was a bug.

If it weren’t for that recent incident then I’d give them the benefit of the doubt. But for now I personally believe the misleading players is by design. And last time I checked another word for intentionally misleading a person is fraud.

No not illegal for video games like this to do in the year 2022. But certainly unethical.

But feel free to dismiss my thoughts as just negative feedback and encourage the actions of players just shutting up and quitting instead.

I’d prefer complain and play. Than quit and move on like the other at least 100 players that quit every week due to things like the experience I illustrated in the OP.

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We need a bigger sample size in order to confirm one way or the other.

What I saw in your clip is:
You got the same results from the Red summoning stone (3 unique troops out of 5 chances) as you did with the Dragons.

The big difference is that you have a way to earn the gemstones every day that are needed for the summoning stones. So getting just 3 troops doesn’t feel that bad.

The risk and cost of the Dragon Eggs is so much higher that getting only three feels terrible because now you are back to 0 with no way to start earning any more Dragonite.

Fraud? Not sure…need more data
Terrible design? Absolutely

Exactly! But the key difference is when you click on summoning stones you can see the weights of the troops you are pulling from the loot box.

The results in the video (in regards to dragon eggs) are in line with the common to epic rarity troops summoning stones. And that’s the issue.

If the two troops I’m missing are supposed to be more rare than the others then that should be clear in game or on their website. Instead 6 troops can be crafted from dragon eggs that are “supposed” to be equallly weighted. Just like dungeon doors were “supposed” to be equal when they first came out.

Which takes more time and energy (and more gems) and gives the devs more time to prey on the good faith of the community.

None of which I have any left of at the moment. And I certainly DO NOT recommend throwing more gems at it until they do something to correct the design.


I must click through too fast and I also didn’t catch it on the video. Could you post a screen shot where I can see the weights of the troops? Just so that I know what you’re seeing that I’m missing.

Each color has its own that changes each week.

In a 5 troop sample of the exact same rarity of 6 troops. One duplicate is expected. But 3 out of 5 troops being the exact same is super super super unlucky. Unless of course the 6 troops aren’t weighted the same.

You mean base rarities (and quantity), not the actual drop rates. (So without further data collection, my default assumption is that the drop rates should be distributed roughly evenly. Not that I actually craft Summoning Stones outside Campaign Tasks, I need those colored Jewels for other things)

In the forge and in chests. Base rarity of the troop does indicate drop Rates. (Weight of the troop.)

Are we saying that weightings of both Summoning Stones and Dragons should be public and/or displayed in-game? Not the worst request or expectation (given that chest odds etc. are).


“Imply” the drop rates, yes. But remember to consider how it drops 3 Commons vs. 2 Rares vs. 1 Ultrarare or Epic, when (most) Chests only drop one Troop at a time, regardless of rarity.

Still, if anyone has hard data about Summoning Stone drop rates, that would be nice to see.

Chests can drop more than one troop at a time.

Besides the fact that base rarity effects drop rate in chests and summoning stones? I wish Gems of War was more simple but since the vault became a thing. A troop can be the same rarity but be different drop Rates. Prior to that implementation logic and intelligence was sufficient in deducing drop Rates.

Just for amusement and not having any use for jewels, 100 stones of each color crafted.

New picture; in final column, added difference between my drops and 12,5% (if all 8 drops were distributed on-point equally).


Thanks for misquoting me. I said:

Thanks for the experiment!

… it looks like I win the argument.


The gem troops are still weighted as if they were in chests.

@Dust_Angel didn’t attribute the multiples and the number of troops he actually got from crafting 100 troops from the forge.

Here is his blue summoning stones:
24 common
36 common
22 rare
18 rare
17 ultra rare
13 ultra rare
11 epic
9 epic

Total = 150 troops
Common = 40%
Rare = 27%
Ultra Rare = 20%
Epic = 13%

And no one wins until the devs reveal that much like how summoning stones are CLEARLY weighted so are the Dragon Eggs. Or… They fix it so each dragon is just as likely to be crafted as the other.

I noticed that too, but it’s irrelevant to the (per-stone) drop rate. After all, a chest dropping x2 troops 50% of the time is NOT the same as a chest dropping x1 troop 100% of the time.

Then I’d like to see hard data across a larger sample set (especially than can be counted on just one hand). People already did it with Hoard Mimic encounters and Dungeon layouts…

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