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More Guild Ranks

first let me start by saying that setting the rank names by gender was a fantastic addition.

now to take it farther…I have a hard time fitting all the ranks i want into 5. the GM and the guild leaders already take up 2 ranks. only leaving 3 for other members.

can we please expand the Rank system to 7-10? would be great if this was somehow dynamic so that each guild’s culture could use this differently.


Also setting the permissions for each rank would be handy as well.


Being in the tenth rank is gonna be very demeaning. I don’t recommend it.


People have asked them for this for a “very” long time. Perhaps they’ll add it in the second round of guild updates. fingers crossed


We can only hope.

Depends on what each rank is for though.

You can have ranks for time in guilds. Ranks for who donates the most. Ranks to reflect GW. Ranks for each event. Ranks for working out who does what in ToD.

Ranks are only demeaning if it is seen as the “bottom” and thats only if they actually do something. As it stood being in rank 2 had no difference from 4.

I was going to say something about it being time-based, initially. But the bottom is still the bottom. And even if they’re for different things, there’s still an order.

Even at a Round Table, somebody gets to sit next to the king.


This was brought up in our meetings in creating this update. In the end, the team decided to remove the limit on the number of people you can have in each rank (except Rank 1), effectively giving the same outcome you would have with customisable permissions. Once you get past Rank 2 there’s not as many permissions to really divvy up.

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Kicking people would help lol.

As it stands, only a GM can kick someone. Because we have stricter rules on inactivity than 21 days, it makes it harder when we find someone to join the guild and cause of Time Zones GM is asleep/not in game.

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Rank and guild privileges are as they should be. Who wants a plant from a rival guild joining the party and destroying a guild from within? Some guilds are prolific in this sense. Protect your guild and fight on.

Paranoid much? That’s some pretty dedicated spy to stick it out in your guild long enough to get to rank 4 and be able to destroy your guild. I can’t imagine too many guilds giving the ability to kick people to more than 2-3 lieutenants who are going to be their most loyal & trustworthy. It would take months for someone to get that kind of privilege from me so in the highly improbable case of extreme guild espionage, I’d take my chances in order to make life easier.

Besides, you don’t have to assign the rank or ability to anyone if you don’t want to. That shouldn’t prevent those who would find it tremendously useful from getting it.


If you are in a competitive guild the verity of my post will ring all so true

Allow me to expand on what you perceive as paranoia…player…has zuul…hates that he is as poor as originally prescribed. Same player encourages his team to procure same said pathetic troop then also encourages them to actively engage on a ludicrously expensive pursuit to acqiire the same equally pathetic troop. Then said player complains about rubbish ability of said troop while spamming LBS to ensure nobody else endures the same unfortunate reality of what was never in doubt in the first place.the unbelievable stupidity of this is hilarious. Idle your a candidate for mug of the decade

I’m in a competitive enough guild to place top 5 GW brackets & top 50 ToD and in an alliance with 2 other B1/B2 & top 20 ToD guilds who both feel comfortable giving their right hands more responsibility. I don’t feel being in a competitive guild has any bearing on a guild’s or GL’s desire to be able to dole out more responsibility to others. That lies completely in the GL’s individual comfort level of doing so.

Clearly you aren’t comfortable giving someone else that responsibility, which is fine. But that’s your personal qualm, not inherent in being in a competitive guild. I would argue that it would benefit a competitive guild greatly to not have to have everything wait on the GL to wake up or get home from work. Guild business can continue smoothly without interruption with having 1-2 other people able to handle personnel issues.


The snarky part of me wants to suggest there should be 30 ranks, each with a custom name, permission, and customized birthday card. But I really hate to dismiss someone’s idea when I don’t understand the context and need to stop doing that.

I have a feeling the actual problem is people want some combination of permissions that doesn’t exist. I do know and think a kind of “second in command” rank is desired to help delegate recruitment/culling, that definitely makes sense.

So that’s probably the real intent: people want to control the permissions more granularly. The only reason @Cyrup’s explanation doesn’t work in this case is only the Guild Master can kick or demote members, and there can only be one Guild Master. I get why, though: kick/demote can be used to force a coup by bad actors. And no matter how ridiculous we agree it is to give that permission to someone you do not absolutely trust, I have seen it happen time and again in these games that trust can be misplaced. In the last six months I’ve seen forum drama related to an attempted coup in a major guild. It’ll happen again, and it will be a mess for support to clean up.

The most reasonable implementations would still take a good bit of coding work. I’d say if a rank has “kick/demote” capabilities, it should only be able to kick or demote lower ranks. That way rank 2 can’t depose the Guild Master (though I think there’s currently an allowance for inactive GMs.) So long as nobody can kick out the GM against their will I think most of the drama can be avoided.

As to some of the other discussion… some guild stuff is unavoidable. The draw of your guild is your people and perhaps your knowledge. Any new person you let in can be a strain on your people. Anyone you give access to your knowledge can release it to the public. You can’t close the box once it’s open. I don’t think a guild can function very well if it is very secretive about its teams and knowledge within its own members. That is a risk that every popular guild takes when it recruits.

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I think if you have issues trusting your GM then that’s a colossal problem. I absolutely don’t have that. That’s why he has that role. Multiple capability to kick is not a bonus if someone has less than helpful intentions after finding a spot in your guild. We are a primary guild. Subterfuge is a tactic the ‘I must be no 1’ guild enjoy with breakfast. You will learn that when you become a threat. No offence

In B1 in GW and a top 15 guild.

Can say Vanyel is right on this.

If thats not your guild, thats fine. But your view isnt every guild.


You must not of heard about EVEOnline’s Judgement Day have you?

Players from Goonswarm managed to flip a high level player named the Judge, who climbed up the ranks of Circle of Two, managed to grab their most expensive Citadel ($20k worth of real money) TURN IT OVER TO GOONSWARM, AND THEM DISBAND THE CIRCLE OF TWO!

Edit: I forgot to mention that the Citadel was in the heart of Circle of Two territory

Edit Edit: https://youtu.be/gEO-Gc-VKV4
This is a concise explanation for “civilians” who have never played EVE Online

Edit Edit Edit: Changed the video to one more family frendly


People using the system to be the infamous “Dick Dastardly” … Well, i can say this has some merit in a twisted way.