New sets of guild ranks

Right now most of the guild rank options are gendered (male) like Priest King or Emperor or Dragon King/Dragon Prince or King of Beasts/Serpent Prince/Tiger Lord etc.

Can we please have more of gender neutral (and cool) rank naming options?

Like Captain / Commander / Lieutenant / Ensign / Crew for example?
(I love Star Trek, okay)

Or not Start Trek… something pirate-ish… anything that starts with Captain/Commander will make me extremely happy!

Edited: Feel free to offer up your suggestions, everyone :slight_smile:


Guild Masters create these… suggest that to your guild

For example we’re a bunch of Daemons over here :japanese_ogre:

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They are from a hardcoded pregenerated list.

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That must have changed when the switch over the guild system.

No, it is still the same.

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I am the guild master and I can’t name ranks myself. I can only choose from the given options. Most of which are gendered… And I really want the Star Trek ones!

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I think more gender neutral or feminine ranks would be good


true, then you could for exqample go through these:

Penitent => Brother => Sister => High Priest --> Pope

however i think making feminine ranks would result in funny situations for players to be promoted from male to a female or the other way around as they advance the ranks :rofl:

The problem with combining several genders in one set is that one would be higher ranked than the next.

Btw I don’t see why being called a feminine rank should be awkward in any way for anyone. :wink:

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