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Guild rank names

hey ive been GM of two guilds both based on the animal kingdom so i wanted a ranks based on animals…but the only animal ranks are male biased. Id like a blank guild ranks option for GMs to make their own ranks that arent either neutral or male biased.


The gender defenders have arrived in GoW. Hip hip. Hurrah! The heroes we need.

+1 to this idea

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Heroine you insensitive clog lol


+1 for this idea

But, but, heroes is the plural for both genders isn’t it? :joy:

Only if you assume the grammatical subservience of heroines to heroes you, you, you man you!

Shocking! How very dare I! :joy::joy::joy:

It would be nice to add the option for the GL to customise the names of the ranks. This’d solve the gender issue suggested above, and create lots of freedom…

…though perhaps not everyone should be trusted with such freedom…


Biggest ****
Bigger ****
Big ****
Avg ****
Lil ****

That’s what custom titles would get you…


That would be perfect! As is, with asterisks, so you can imagine a male or female form of it depending on the guild member’s preference :laughing:


I guess I don’t know what the possible rank names are, I’m having trouble figuring out how “animal-themed” and “gender-oriented” are related. I was assuming it meant like, “Mouse, Dog, Lion, Dragon” or some obvious “ranking” of animals like that. What are the actual names?

That said, I’m all for adopting either more customization or a more gender-neutral approach whenever possible.

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There’s two animal like rank groups: Wyrmling, Wyvern Knight, Drake Lord, Dragon Prince, Dragon King
And the other is: Faithful Hound, Eagle Knight, Tiger Lord, Serpent Prince, King of Beasts

I’m assuming OP is referring to one of those two.


Ah OK yes, those are clearly gendered. Got it!