Gendered avatars/profiles unnecessary

I am really not happy with gendering our characters/avatars. I think it is completely unnessary and irrelevant to the game play.

Also in having done the ranking by gender male above female? Really? Female above not great. Male above not great. Solution NO GENDER!

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Isn’t ranking between the same Rank Level based on players’ Level? Genders have nothing to do with it and likely won’t never be.

It’s all just small cosmetic stuff, no big deal. I’m male, but I like to change my avatar based on weekly troop, so I’m a female Elf this week. And it don’t bother me in the slightest.

Well, avatars have always been gendered (male or female). What’s the alternative? Only non-binary avatars that could be male or female? I think that would be taking things too far.

As for the guild ranks, it’s optional and up to the guild if they want to use different rank names for males vs. females. Now that guild ranks names can be customized, the guild can find unisex ranks to use instead :slight_smile: As a female, I never did like being called “Lord”, lol


Have male on the left and female on the right. Or vice versa.

Actually don’t, its arbitrary.

Thank you all for engaging with my comment. I still don’t see the need for it, but I had totally forgotten that we select gender and appearance of our avatars , derrrrrr. Anyway, cheers!

Skeletons. :skull:


Does the sexuality of the hero matter? It really doesn’t does it? First world problems :joy:

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We’ve had a few threads about gender issues in the game so far and this hasn’t come up much. In the game, the only effect gender really has is cosmetic.

I feel like the initial argument, and the jokes it spawned, are in bad faith. I’d rather respond to it with education than anger.

When I’m picking whether my lizard person or wolf person or whatever has a masculine or feminine build and visible breasts. I’m not even sure if there is speech directed at the avatar that has gendered pronouns. It’s cosmetic. And most people agree the human body has a vast range of builds. Even among people who are not trans, there are men with feminine builds and women with masculine builds.

So an individual gets to pick whichever appearance they want to project. They also get to change that appearance for free. So if for some reason, they’d like to RP a Male Wargare who had a revelation at level 800 and became a Female Elf, so be it. If they want to choose a male appearance and say it’s a female-to-male trans character, nothing in the game stops them. If they want to literally represent genderfluid by swapping genders constantly, nothing stops them.

It also has no negative impact on other people. It might be a source of spam if there were chat notifications when someone updates their appearance. But there’s not. You’ll only notice something changed if, for some reason, you’ve seen someone else’s avatar so much you know the details of what they picked.

Most of the time people get upset when character creation is a major aspect of the game, is permanent, and has an impact on game scenarios. I find most LGBT people are completely fine with “you are choosing a body type” as the only side effect. Everyone’s happier if they have more body types. For example, we can’t choose a skinny or heavy build. It doesn’t really matter though, the only reason we have an avatar at all was they thought they might sell cosmetic items but they turned out not to pay off.

As an example of why I think this way, Pokémon has always allowed players to choose “BOY” or “GIRL” at the start. It changes pronouns and, in some cases, game scenarios based on this choice, but never alters the difficulty. All of my LGBT friends have praised this at some point or another.

I’d defer if I felt like someone were making a good faith argument, or if your avatar had an impact on the GoW experience. Instead I feel like OP is trying to pick a fight.


I was extremely pleased to be able to rename myself to Guild Mistress. I am enjoying whipping my guildies in to shape.



@esslee Sending you that little black latex thing you asked for. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve had to delete two replies to this thread. Please keep all conversation respectful.

The true reason I had to leave now comes out…

The scars have almost healed, btw…


uuuuuhhhhhh the option for boy or girl was implemented in Gen II iirc. (actually might have been as late as Gen III) Gen I (Red, Yellow, Blue) forced you to be a boy.

SOURCES: My first game boy game ever was Pokèmon Yellow. I clocked over 90 hours in my first save file. Then my younger brother wiped it :sob: :sob: :sob:

Oh no it slipped my mind that 3 of the ~30 mainline games didn’t have this feature! All of my points are now invalidated, on the authority that you played one of them for 90 hours.

Ok 1) you don’t need to get flippant. I was pointing out a factual error.
2) My point was, ORIGINALLY, there was no gender option. Yes Nintendo got better, but just because Time Marches On doesn’t mean we get to erase history to fit what we want it to.
3) across Gen I to Gen V I’ve clocked over 1000 hours. I added the tangental story of my first playthrough to avoid the “NuH-uH aLl Of ThEm HaD iT” Ironically, you managed to not only pull it off anyways, but ADD to it.

I’ve just noticed that my comment was deleted.

May I ask why, @Saltypatra ? You can PM me if that’s easier.

OK, let’s rewind here:

I interpreted the quote-and-correct as an attempt to make an argument, but you didn’t necessarily make that argument. Mistakes happen when hackles are raised.

I think it’s a stretch to call my initial error “erasing history”. That kind of hyperbole’s part of how hackles get raised. It still turns out the point, “Pokémon has offered only two choices for a long time and has been praised because the choice is irrelevant” is just as valid. Remember, we’re not attempting to write a scholarly article about gaming history, but instead we are discussing if it’s offensive to only offer two options.


If it’s offensive? My dear @Slypenslyde, you do not assume enough! Of course it is offensive!