Option genderneutral guild ranks

There are currently just two guild rank genders, male and female, which means that if I want a genderneutral rank, I need to ask at least one of the ranks to become neutral. Can there be a third option?

This can also be included under a broader feature where your in game gender doesn’t have to be dependent on your avatar, to give people the freedom to set their pronous regardless of what hero model they use.


You can just set both male and female titles with the same names


I could easily be wrong (it’s been awhile since I configured mine) but isn’t that the default?

Yes. Recruit, Legionnaire, Commander, Sentinel, Guild Master.

I think this is the best approach. I have also seen a male player be confused by being given rank “Princess” (or whatever it was) because he chose a female avatar.


What you all are suggesting isn’t what OP is asking for I don’t think.

If people could choose their pronouns independently from the gender of the avatar, maybe with a they/them option, that could be helpful for both people who are non binary and those who like to choose an avatar that isn’t their gender but would still like to be identified as their gender.

I set myself to a male title (as guild leader) no matter if I use a male or female avatar - but our other ranks are gendered.

If I would get called “she” I wouldn’t mind but I had people freak out on me after them assuming I was female when they learned I wasn’t. (Some folks are weird. :sweat_smile:)

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How did you get a picture of the designer of the new card look?


Honestly, pronouns is a highly “radioactive” topic (with a side of criticality) but more practically, does the game even refer to your character in third-person during any dialogue scripts? (e.g. kingdom/faction quest or class unlock)

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I don’t think the issue is about the character.

In many games you can select your gender - your gender as in the player’s, not the character’s.

It’s more about knowing the actual gender of your player (for me at least). The characters are fine as they are but the model doesn’t need to determine the “gender” of the guild rank (as people may think that’s the gender of the player).

Of course people could come up with all gender neutral terms for the ranks but maybe some want to enable their guild mates to show their gender by title (not the character’s gender).

Pronouns shouldn’t be a hot topic. We all use them. :wink: It’s just a few that make an unnecessary fuss about it (on either extreme) while the rest of us wonder what’s going on.

I’m all for giving people the option of male, female, other (they/them?). Doesn’t bother me, and makes it easier for me to properly address my fellow players.


Seriously ? Wow, just wow. This is what matters ? The game has bugs, customer service is non existant, players are banned left and right, but, let’s plant our flag on this hill.
Awaiting my ban.


People can care about more than one thing, you know?

Nobody said that this should be top priority.

Of course there are more pressing matters that need fixing first.


Totally agree! Complete nonsense!


Yeah, for your maybe. And for others it’s not.

Thanks for the input, though. That was really needed after 4 days to bring this up to the top again. :wink:


I get the concept. I do. I don’t want to be misunderstood.
This is not a problem. You can set whatever you want.
Non binary avatars ? Those don’t exist and I’d get behind that.
Make sense ?

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Hence the term, “radioactive”.

Sure, it’s still super tempting to share some of my thoughts on the matter (e.g. for indie game Cassette Beasts, in your character creator the relevant option is labeled “pronoun” not “gender” and includes a they/them option. No offense taken) but I think this video already discusses the topic well enough.

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Don’t need to have gender neutral avatars, though I would also not mind. Extra character options are always good to have, and why should everything be either male or female when that’s not even true in nature (not sure if I can use the other word with the s here that refers to biology so I use gender for that just to be safe).

I was considering adding a gender selection to your profile to sue that as an identifier of your pronouns in the guild instead of character models.

Is it important? I don’t know, I’m getting to know my players outside of the game and know their gender if they cared to disclose it.

It’s certainly on the low end of priorities.

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That was very interesting, thank you for sharing.

Choosing a gender based on your gender would probably be best optional, too, in case someone doesn’t want to disclose that. No one should have to.

That’s just what I took from the video for this specific discussion about the game and possibilities here.

I also fully understand not referring to you friend as they in front of your 90 year old grandmother if she’s just wouldn’t understand. But that’s a whole other topic, but a very interesting aspect of what he talked about.

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