Gender specific guild ranks


Example: King/Queen, Prince/Princess, Lord/Lady etc.

I know it’s purely cosmetic, but a little more variety couldn’t hurt, right? :smirk:


I like this idea Dhjl-sama!


Agreed, good idea… +1 from me!


I 100% agree with this one, there is no good reason to bias the game gender-wise.


Glad I’m not alone on this. :relieved:


There’s actually a tricky engineering block to this, believe it or not! Just due to how we’re tracking the info required. I wouldn’t say never, but just a bit of insight of some things that would need to be dealt with first :slight_smile:


What is that supposed to mean? ROFL.


I have to say, I didn’t think it could be technical problem. Couldn’t the gender rank be altered according to the gender the player chose for its hero?
(I’d be laughing at my man for choosing to play a pretty lady, mouahahaha!)


You can laugh at ME, because I am a female Elf in the game. :stuck_out_tongue:


So is he… must be a guy thing. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m a beautiful and strong-willed ogre woman, dammit! >_<


I just think the male characters all look either soft or silly.


I think my (male elf) character looks suave, noble, intelligent yet brave… even with his receding hairline…


surprisingly a good proportion of men will play as a woman in video games.




I always played WoW as a female character, because the sprite was smaller and so I could see past it better! As a male character (typically far wider/bigger) sprite, it was harder to see what I was fighting…


King? Queen? Did you miss the PC training? Call them Rulingperson. O,O