Story mode gender

I just want to say how much i love this game and how addicted i am to the point that the only real complaint i have at the moment is why the main character is akways referred to as male? We are given the choice to be a woman for our character portrait but then we are still seen as a guy? This is a teeny tiny problem, i know, but i find the story amusing and would just like to actually be the character that is giving the short sarcastic quips while i play it.

Once again i know this is a nothing problem but i thought i would at least throw this out there.



It’s frustrating, I agree. All the more so because I filed a help ticket about this same issue back in 2017, assuming the occasional pronoun appearances were unintentional glitches that no one had previously noticed. The fact that those pronouns haven’t been fixed in two years indicates that the people in charge do not actually care about this issue, or whether or not female players feel welcome here. Disappointing, but hardly surprising.


This is something that we are aware of, but isn’t a quick change due to the amount of work it would take to pass everything through localisation. We hope to fix this in the future.

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You could fix all the English to a female form in a day. And by you I mean Salty could read through and correct all of it himself. I mean herself. A long day, but this game isn’t War and Peace.
The ‘fans’ could fix the non-English if you’d let them.


How about you meet in the middle and make sure it’s correct going forward?

Let the next [QUEST_STRING] have male/female versions. Then at least some % of the text will act like the hero customization is a feature.

(Also, @UKresistance, keep in mind all the text is also localized into other languages, Salty can’t do all of those herself. Also keep in mind every time a feature releases, the other-language players have to report the parts where their translators picked the wrong words.)