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More challenge please!

So @Mr.Strange, “good luck” finishing all 4 Tasks daily?

Under 2 hours, including the time it took to unlock all 8 Classes :sunglasses:

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Now 250 win all 8 classes. :sunglasses:

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And put all classes at level 20. :sunglasses:
Ok, this one is not even that hard, but well… Complete all the stuff!
(Traiting all classes is currently my next goal for the hero.)

Working on it, should take 8-10 days

EDIT: Already got Knight at 20 and over 50 wins :wink:

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Well, some combinations are much faster than others… Let’s see how long you can keep it up!

I am out of the office today and tomorrow, but when I get back I will be looking at how the task completion rate sits now. How many players will be doing 4 a day?

How many players will do the four task everyday?

Seeing what they worth, probably noone.

Well done talia, you are now unique.


Nah the 1% will knock the 4tasks on the head real quick and then probably do maps for the rest of the day.

Weekends I will achieve this no problem.

Weekdays tho are another story. :unamused:

So yeah 99% will not complete these, great way to improve.


For those of you that don’t like it, would a bonus for completing 4 tasks make it better?

I’m not really for or against the task changes, but I do worry about the influence it will have on newer players that don’t want to spend a lot of cash. I fear it will make it take much longer to get a good team and foundation. They could join on of the top two guilds, but they require trophies. Trophies are easier with cards. Cards are easier to get in a top two guild.

Maybe this will make the arena more relevant for newer players.

Bump off my 4 Tasks and grinding Maps sounds fun and worth seeing how it compares to PvP

I did 7 so I have a decent feel for how quick these tasks are. Left the 8th (75 battles) 1/3 done. Have not changed my opinion, but it is important to actually do a sample of them instead of making assumptions how they will go.

Nice try with the 50 Trophies @Mr.Strange, I do that every day anyway :wink:

Day 2, all 4 Tasks done again.


The only reason I’m doing the 4 a day is cause I need traitstones so knocking off 2 birds at once. Not sure If this is a good thing for his data though. Then again I already gave my ocd response to Nex in the other thread so no reason to repeat it.

Is there a way of telling how many people now log in, finish task no. 1 then log out?

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Day 3 in an hour, you can do better @Mr.Strange !

I finished all 4 the first two days. But today only no. 1 task, the others are to long and boring/grindy and have a reward that is kind of a joke compared to the amount time used to complete them.

What tasks are you finishing in an hour? Can you build a new team, and win with it 20 times in an hour? That seems just on the edge of possible, to me. And 40 wins in an hour seems not possible without some exploit I haven’t considered.


I’m grinding Challenges for the wins with Task teams.

Today I had win 20 with 3 Khetar and win 10 with a team using the same Mana. I ran;

Keeper of Souls
Old Gods’ Banner

And I hit the first Challenge in Stormheim (farming Arcane Stoics) over and over. My KoS has 21 Attack, only Lamia has more than that in combined L+A, and it’s only 22.