Congratulations Metrics are Up!

Well congratulations I’m sure if you or Apple runs some metrics on players you’ll find there are in the Troop menu longer! Yeah! You might assume this is the ‘Silent Majority’ enjoying the new interface ‘designed for Mobile’.

I have another possibility: Players struggling with you excessively poor interface and reduced filter FUNCTIONALITY (on console) to build 5 GW Teams. After last week, and building my 5 GW teams my goal it to try and figure out how to pay this game the absolute minimum until the abysmal interface decisions are noticed in someone’s pocketbook and something is done…


It will never happen. Too many people (myself included, sadly) have just given up on changes and realized our only choice is to play or not play. Ideally we would all unite and take a week or two off to show them we are serious. The reality is that We actually do enjoy playing and that will cost us very valuable rewards, even if it means we would be happier long term. If some people do decide to make that stand then they will lose their spots in their guilds for being inactive.

It sucks.

All we can do is make the best of it and try looking on whatever bright side there is. My bright side is that this UI is not a finished product and I can only hope that when it’s done its made a bit more user friendly. I will say this though, I personally have stopped spending and I log in and do my GW, Dungeons and day tasks. I just barely hit the trophy minimums in my guild last week and that was only because I made a conscious effort to do so.

Keep fighting the good fight, but I am afraid we are stuck with this for the long term.

They obviously don’t bother playing on console for anything like long enough. Ten minutes would have been enough to realise what a car crash this is. And now we can’t use Elspeth or black beast in the arena because she kills herself, when she was working fine on console. You couldn’t make this up.


my Elspeth just kills my last troop, which still works for me. What position do you have her in?

There’s no way they even played 10 minutes on console. It’s almost impossible to see what’s selected. I ran a simple test. Finally @Rickygervais got it right …the ONLY person mind you out of now over 75 views to ‘win’. It took him 3 guesses, and there are only 4 choices. During my interaction with a developer asked him to guess too…

Put P.E. In 1st and trogolite in last.

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It was in the arena. Farming working as intended.

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Just to be clear I’m not “calling” for anything. I’m simply simultaneously disappointed and frustrated. I’m personally just going to play less, and if Gems of War continues to be difficult to use the interface on console, has more functionality removed like with troop filtering to help the mobile expirience, and looks awful to make corporations happy at the expense of PC/Console players then my choice at that time is clear.

But on another game note Microsoft is just releasing 13 OGback compatible games so KotOR is calling, so I have more than enough to keep me a happy gamer.


I wasn’t assuming you were calling for action. And I’m with you. I started playing a few older games myself and now the new South Park game dropped along with red dead redemption 2 dropping early next year. Devs are really just making my choice easy.


What’s funny to me is that I assumed that many of the new UI horrors were there because of the console version!

There have been a lot of complaints in the last 2 months-- some I thought were overreactions, some I thought were justified. Some came from me!

This new UI takes the cake though, because it is so unnecessary!

Why release a half-finished UI loaded with bugs and basic design errors? What’s the point? Who asked for this?

The only part of the interface I ever thought was problematic was the Troops screen, and while they’ve added some basic functionality (being able to filter colors), they’ve removed other useful things (filtering by trait). In one case they made a really good decision and went from 8 troops/screen to 10. Now it’s back to 8 again!

Overall the Troops screen has gotten worse with each pass. :grimacing:

And @Strat you’re exactly right. I’m playing less, not as a protest, but because the game is now virtually unplayable… they even managed to take the fun out of opening chests!

WTF is going on? It’s so over-the-top crazy that if I could think of a motive for doing it I’d be convinced at this point that they’re intentionally spiking the game!