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More challenge please!

Very efficient.

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I feel you did not expect that some tasks when gotten together can be done simultaneously to complete efficiently.

I totally did. The combination potential is what makes it especially exciting, to me! But I am a bit sad that the person on the forums being most vocal about taking on the challenge of finishing all 4 tasks each day has thus far avoided getting any particularly non-synergistic sets of tasks. But I’m a patient person. :wink:

I’ve completed all tasks every day so far and can say the only reason this isn’t as frustrating as it could have been is because of the bug that awarded your kingdom bonus to the opponent’s troops being fixed. It makes it far easier now when you can 1 shot each opposing troop so the round can end within a minute or so. I’ve also been lucky that I haven’t been hit with impossible tasks so far like level a kingdom.

I’ve also had non-synergistic tasks, even today where try as you will, you’re not finding 4 beasts in 1 kingdom. And while I’m really sold on the way the task system is now (some improvements yes, but some things I’m not a fan of either), I squeeze the tasks into what I really hope to accomplish during that session of playing rather than going out of my way to do them. It may take me quite a bit longer to get them done that way despite being easier, but it’s not really a race either.

And as an aside, while I’m sure things could be made more “challenging”, I think it would end up as more frustrating in reality. Higher level players may have essentially been playing the equivalent of Warlord IV all this time but that was for me anyway quite a turn off for the grindier challenges cause I really didn’t want to have to repeat a long fight x number of times just to do 1 challenge. It may have still been easy but the time consumption wasn’t worth the effort.

This is spot on. I used to do the soul challenges on the console at Warlord III so that’s like the equivalent to “Warlord VII+” on PC , After the update, even on Warlord IV is not difficult. Hard is a joke.

The console players that had decent Kingdom bonuses received at massive boost in this update with the handicap/bug removed.

Day 4, all Tasks complete and again I was able to synergize 2 Tasks together.

Maybe you could manually add Tasks tomorrow? As the title says, more challenge please!

Hasn’t even been a week and I’ve had level a kingdom twice which I can’t do. Also had finish 75 battles twice. Give me some assortment thanks. I play 1hour each night after work and its becoming a joke real quick.

I was hoping playtime would be awarded in the next pvp update which awards players who have put in more playtime but no you set up your tasks as well @Mr.Strange to award already the players who have more time on there hands.

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Day 5 done in 2 hours and 20 minutes. Today the Tasks were unsyncronized, for your enjoyment;

Reduce an enemy’s Attack to 0 (has to be permanent, Entangle won’t count)
20 wins with 3 Troops from Khaziel
20 wins with 3 Troops from Broken Spire
20 wins with 3 unique Monster Troops

nice combo, i think somehow reduce enemy can be comboed with the other 3 but only for like one game i think.

I just tossed Warhound in for a match

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2.5 hours seems like the appropriate amount of time, for a dedicated player. You’ve put my mind at ease.


That was playtime, it actually took 4 hours given I work at home and school’s out lol.

I like the Challenges, and I have an opinion on improvement.

I think limiting Tasks to one per slot per day AND limiting rewards was too drastic together. As repeating Gems Tasks would be a bad idea, I recommend leaving the daily limit but give Tasks variety in Rewards again.

EDIT: Can you give a group of Tasks, like the “Win 20 with 3x [Kingdom]” group, a “set” of rewards that is also random?

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Day 6 was too easy. 23 battles and 3 Gem Keys was all it took.

I agree 90% of the time you can combine 2 challenge at the same time but i dont complain 5 gems is way too low for reward at least give us enough to buy 1 gem key

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