Keeping the Classes...Well, Classy

So it had been awhile since I went through the set of four trials to earn the right to train under a different class, as I currently had very little interest in the ones available on console outside of those I already have (Mechanist and Assassin). However, I decided for the heck of it (because I plan on doing lots of content for GoW in the future) to start unlocking the others. Might be able to do some silly decks, and your hero is always pretty strong in stats if not also a couple of good weapons to back them up.

In here comes the first problem: I STILL haven’t unlocked the class weapon for Assassin, although I will have that done later today, but my point is that it’s taken at least a month for me to accomplish this. Now of course I could just go grind crazy and drop some of the other things I’ve been trying to accomplish outside GoW…but let’s be realistic here for a moment.

When you can unlock all the perks of a class after ten, twenty five, and fifty battles (if those are still the original values)…then why does it take another WHOPPING TWO-HUNDRED battles under that class to unlock the weapon? Surely just another fifty, amounting to one hundred battles in the same class, is worthy of someone unlocking a class weapon? By the time someone has unlocked the weapon, they have probably forgot they were trying to achieve that in the first place. XD

Now as you developers and hard workers at +2 know, I’m not one to really complain too much, however I see this as a big deal. That being said, I won’t just bring up what I think is wrong: I have a brand new idea for you guys that would make obtaining classes more interesting.

So a journey to one’s obtaining a class is rather straight-forward: complete the roughly ten quests for the Kingdom storyline, then complete four trials…but these trials are literally just more battles. With the Kingdom Quests, there is at least a story behind it to make it a bit more interesting, but with the Class Trials it’s literally just four battles under the guise of some intense training.

My proposition is to drop the number of battles needed for a class weapon to one-hundred battles, making it only fifty battles after you unlock the last perk (and possibly make it locked under a Class Level qualification as well?) but in exchange to increase the difficulty of obtaining the class in general. The Priesthood Trials had a Trial of Healing. Maybe, instead of it being a boring old regular battle, have it to where the player has to heal his team a number of times before winning the battle to succeed. In the Archer Trials, there was a Trial of Focus I believe? Make it so the player has to win with a team that only does spells or damage to a target they can select, rather than at random, all, or randomly split.

In return for dropping the grinding time, you make it more of a challenge to complete the initial trials, while also making them more memorable. I’d even go so far as making it so that, during the Class Trials, your team is FORCED to have your Hero in the team. I mean…it is you trying to master what it takes to be whatever class it is you are gunnin’ for, so it would only make sense for YOU to be there for the trial.

Whatcha think, guys?


Prior to Death Knight it wasn’t a grind.

You don’t need to use the class to get the victory.

Since none of us used (let alone relied on) Hero classes or their weapons, we just set the class to X and at 250 battles we get the weapon in the mail.
Then you change to the next class.

After a while, you have 100% of the weapons and you did nothing other than play the game exactly as you would have absent the classes.

But now we all have to remain set to Death Knight all the time as part of Death Knight: The Death Markening.


We have 1 day per week that we can use to farm other classes

One day is gw-free
-. #hashtag: should I laugh or facepalm

Or just not use DK all the time? Am i missing something?

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Only the chance to maximise RNG-grief-possibilities to GW invaders. And you may get caught by DeathKnightsRUs, the new super-guild faction sweeping Krystara with its mandatory deathmarking policies.


you are missing guild war defense wins :sweat_smile:

I would take that reasoning if DK were the only grief-defence existing or even the best option for it.
But as it stands there are multiple other options, most notably the multiple devour threat ones, that are arguably not only just as potent but even stronger than the DK defenses.
So if you want to have another Hero Class active for whatever reason you are free to do so without being any less effective in your GW defenses.

most of those you can use WITH the dk, gaining even deadlier combo which brings it back to - “not usig dk makes you miss some gw defense wins” :sweat_smile:

I disagree, the strongest and most popular multi devour threat has no place for a DK in them.

have you tested a comparison of that team without mercy (if it has 2 devourers) or with one less devourer (if it has 3 of em)?

im not sure which team you talk about thats why i put it that way

I talk about the Forest Guardian one, and not only is it the defense with the best win/loss results i have yet tested(yes i went full scumbag mode in regular pvp last week, but i am back to putting up troops rarely seen by players), it seems to be the best Option for GW to pose situations where the attacker can’t reliably avoid some of the rng devour casts to go through.

I won’t lie, I’m a bit disappointed in how this topic spiraled out of it’s main intent, which was to give ideas to the devs to make classes easier to obtain all the goodies, yet more challenging and memorable overall.

Thank you @Ariel for at least keeping this discussion somewhat contained to the original thread idea.

Seriously though, this should be a thing: how boring is it to just ‘Okay, I want this one next’ then do four battles, and then do 250 MORE battles to then see that you got all the goodies other than the perks and levels in the class? Then you just do some more battles to get enough souls and trait stones to finish it off? That is like, incredibly boring.

What I’m proposing is that we liven up the original four battles with goals that need to be achieved in addition to winning the battle and possibly force certain play styles or deck builds to complete something that is supposed to be a task to achieve.

You could also gives so many tasks to achieve each perk, in addition to having so many battles won. For example, say for the Titan Class, to achieve the 1st Perk, you would have to win X battles…but also have to level up a Giant to lvl 10, unlock a perk for a Giant, and complete so many explorations in the Kingdom that’s mostly tied to giants.

This would make it more fun and interesting, would it not?

the extra victory conditions during the class quest would be great and i think fun

but those extra “to do” conditions outside of the class quest i think it wouldnt be fun at all, rather like an unwanted tasks and also they would be much harder for lower level players - and that i think is completely not necessary