Monday mornings are becoming an error screen mess

Hi guys,

This was the worst Monday morning that I have seen in Gems of War.
On top of the usual errors when completing guild tasks, we now also got connection errors every time you tried to finish a guild tasks (fixable by reconnecting to the internet on PC), disappearing mail errors, really slow load times (PC).

I’m assuming this has to do with the added guild wars stuff. And maybe not everything should end on the same day? I understand that one weekly reset point makes a lot of sense, but it looks like your server is having a really hard time with it…

I personally think that Consoles (XBox One and PS4) ought to return to a Tuesday morning reset schedule instead of the simultaneous overlap with the PC/Mobile reset on Mondays.

Obviously none of these are on the same server, but I can’t help noticing that when there’s connection issues on Mobile, there are freeze delay errors on Xbox too. Coincidence? Unlikely. Just my 2 cents