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Gems of war Guild war has a bug


Hello I like to report a bug it’s 10:56 at night 4 hours October 28 2018 before reset I was battling in guild wars started my second fight then the screen went red all 8 troops disappeared and the skulls and mana blocks disappeared too. I could move but seen nothing I tried to quit but the menu never came up, I had no choice but to quit and restart my game after I restarted everything was loading up extremely slow and freezed up a lot. Please look in to this please.

This exact same thing happened to me a few weeks ago and it actually gave me two losses in GW. I put in a ticket and they said there was nothing they could do and that it was my internet that caused it

Hi @ThaSneakyNinja I’m really sorry you experienced this issue. Please send through your invite code, you can PM this to me if you like.

Can you please confirm:

  1. Are you playing on PS4 or Xbox?
  2. How long was the game on for before this happened?
  3. How long was the console on for?
  4. Do you regularly turn it off or do you leave it in sleep mode?
  5. What was the last game mode played before this match begun?

That doesn’t sound quite right. If you quote your ticket number I can check that for you. You’re right in that we can’t restore Guild Wars points, but we can help with other things.