Guild wars glitched defeat - graphics failure, all troops invisible, then entire board invisible, unable to retreat


Version - console, PS4


Troops become invisible:

Spots for troops become invisible:

Everything invisible - you can still see where my last troop is poisoned and their last troop is frozen:

See it in action on youtube -

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I was expecting to play a guild wars match - the match loaded but there were graphics glitches to start with and then the troops on both sides became invisible and as I continued to try to play as matches and setting off attacks was still possible. Progressively parts of the screen disappeared until the whole board and background disappeared, leaving green screen as shown above. The match was still in progress at this point but no moves could be made. Pressing Options to then retreat didn’t work and so I had to exit to the PS4 home screen and quit the application. When I returned, the match was registered as a loss to me which is disappointing as I would have easily defeated the much weaker opponent team.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
This is the first time this has happened - I did four guild wars battles fine, this was the fifth battle for the day

Steps to make it happen again
Can’t make it happen again as I don’t have any guild wars battles left



Please try:

And turn off your PS4 - turn off the power at the wall and unplug the power cord at the back of the PS4 for 30 seconds. Then plug it all back in and turn it on.

This might help something but to be honest it looks like a fault happened with your PS4.
Was the game open very long before this happened?
Or was the PS4 on for very long?
Do you regularly turn it off or do you leave it in sleep mode?


Shavron7 - Don’t go suspecting your PS4. I have over 100 platinums and I have never had an issue with any of those games and 1000s of hours of gameplay. GoW - not so much so you are right to report a bug.


Thanks for the reply Kafka. I don’t think it’s my PS4 as I’ve played 100s of games sometimes for hours at a time - and never seen this issue with any other games. I have had minor graphics glitches previously with Gems of War though so I do think it was Gems of War behind this glitch. I always turn off my PS4 Pro and while it does run for some hours at a time I’m sure this is well within specs and normal operating conditions. Happy to call this a one off glitch - I did register a guild wars loss but it hasn’t affected our end result, so nothing further required. Thanks


Hey just letting you know we’re looking into this issue. I’ll tag you if I need any further info.

If it happens to you again please reply here to let me know!


Yup. This happened to a Guildmate of mine yesterday or today. Fun, right? Pfft.


Hey @Shavron7 and @JonathanStriker (on behalf of your friend!) Can you please reinstall the game and let us know if you have the issue again after that?


This happened to one of my guildies on a GW day too. I could dig up the SS if it’s needed but it’s basically the same as the one already posted.


This issue should be fixed in the latest update version 4.2. :slight_smile:


Thank you Cyrup.