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Just had the third one today on PS4, fortunately only at not really important times. Not cool being kicked out of the game randomly though.

I know these have been mentioned in other threads but they seem to be affecting players on all platforms.

Will hopefully be addressed ASAP :pray: Even if it is the weekend in devland now.



Last weekend there was at least 3 times where certain servers would just be down for a hour.

This SS was from about 12 hours ago.

Seems like the servers are only stable when the devs are working. But since these weekend events are running when the devs aren’t working. It’s a chicken/egg dilemma.

Perhaps having all these events running concurrently is a bit taxing on the servers.

If I remember correctly. Server overload was the reason why we couldn’t have guild wars continue to be weekly and have them run with Raids/Invasions at the same time. So it was an issue until it magically wasn’t. :man_shrugging:

P.S. - Not saying that we need GW every week again. If the servers are over loaded then it’s safe to assume the human players are also over loaded.


Posting mine from this morning, just so its not labeled a “players side issue.”

This was on iOS

Edit: This was while loading the game.

I’ve had to delay doing the rest of my guild wars battles today because of these cliffy errors. Certainly can’t take a chance with it and lose points because of it, more so when points are so important in bracket 1. 4 crashes, today and gave up on gems for the day after that. 1 loss in a world event battle, 1 crash just from changing screen menu’s. I doubt it will get sorted this weekend but I guess we all live in hope :crossed_fingers:

PC/Steam version. (PC/Mobile)
Happened just now @ ~ 10:40pm PST
Got a cliff hanger when clicking GW menu:

Did about 10 GW battles, no problems… then
I was looking at the guild events, grabbed some rewards from World Event stage 11. (I believe).
Then went to medals, swapped some medals around. (In slot 1 then in slot 3)
(slot 1: 3 cedric, slot 3: Anu, cedric, season), left it in slot 3 to go do GW.
Clicked on GW menu but got cliffy error before it would enter. (photo above)
It said forced reboot, so after rebooting I closed the game and opened again.
Going to do some other stuff for a bit…

I don’t have a screenshot but I also had it happen once recently.

PC Desktop Steam

Played some explore, navved around guild menu, collected stage 11 rewards of world event.
No medal swaps, selected green GW team, checked hero talents, swapped one. Into first fight.

Cliffy Error first GW battle.

Thankfully it was the loading screen and didn’t cause a loss.

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The more bug report details that you can report,
the easier it will be for the dev’s to reproduce & figure out how to fix. :slight_smile:

Happened to me @ 0815 EDT this am: PC/Steam, Win 7 – fortunately between GW battles.

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Cliffy errors are increasing according to posts in several discord servers I’m on . They just aren’t reporting it in forums .
Mainly pc/mobile platforms and happening usually during sigil events modes, but a few have happened during a gw’s battle too.

1 loss in GW here today because of this and sigils lost in Invasion too :frowning_face:

I’m not accepting any “it is the weekend” bs from the devs btw, we can’t take the weekend off like all of you if we want to get stuff done before Monday morning :wink:


Any product/service that runs 24/7 should always have around the clock support.


Same for us aswell. Paragon victory too counting as a loss. Ridic it’s happening in B1 GW with the top guilds, aswell as other events

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I have seen lots of this. Has to be affecting wars. Here is compensation. 1 epic Vault Key…:joy:

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This was first reported 8 days ago in another thread. Its nice they cared. Monday we’ll get the [need more info] nonsense attached to this thread.

They have a completely useless bug report system. When they changed it to forum based it became very easy to ignore things.


I tried logging in to get tribute on mobile about 7:30pm cst.
Pc login did ok though.

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Maybe they will give everyone in B1, 1500 gems, and not drop anyone to B2 till its fixed. :rofl:
Same with the other brackets as well.


I got it twice yesterday, on android, have no screenshots. And l lost 1 sigil.

@Saltypatra what is going on with your team ? Just lost a gw game because of your shitty game cliffy server bug ! It is a shame !

Moreover your new boss card is trash and not even deserve a power orb.

Almost done with this trash game !

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Just got one Cliffy as well. Now I am scared to do my Guild war.
Who is Cliffy btw? Jimmy Cliff? Hope I can soon sing :musical_note: I can see clearly now, the bug is gone :musical_note: :sweat_smile:

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