No GW fights available on Xbox?

Hi, I cant play GW today (Saturday 10am GMT).
On attack menu, it is written “This day is over, a new one will start soon” (I translate from french)
Someone else with this prob?


Yeah. Has there been any responses? It’s 1pm here (GMT+2) and still no GW??

Any infos from the devs would be nice @Saltypatra @Alpheon @Sirrian


Also no Guildwars today for The Alliance. The Day is already over .

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skipping a day is the only way we’ll ever lose lol

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Well as long as we get the PROPER amount of Gems and GW Troops and the end of the week, Whatever. Oh… I almost forgot about the bit of Gold.

I don’t think it will be fixed before reset

Even if they do, how is that ‘fair’. They are like 8 hours or so from getting into the office… add some time to fix the issue and I will only leave a few left to play the day.

They still can extend the time it’s not a problem, the reason i said it won’t be fix is because they don’t work during weekend, and even if sirrian is there, he is not the console expert, so probably won’t be able to fix

In worst case people could do today and tomorow battle the same day

They must have some type of new day batch job that resets GW for the next day, and someone forgot to run it. Or a lazy computer operator was snoozing and didn’t see the job die.

Is it only a xbox problem or ps4 also got the same problem?

Ps4 is working, bumming

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Alright ty so xbox only problem

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Hopefully it works out by reset for you guys.

Of course, if it works out by reset that means we will all have lost a full day of GW on the XBox server. Wonder how this is going to mess up the ranking calculations for next week.

Also guys, it may be a good idea to post a note about a major issue like this in the Support forum from the start. A lot of us don’t automatically visit the Guild Wars forum tab first thing when searching for console issues. Just sayin’. :wink:

I don’t see how it will affect ranking, the rank will be the same exept the GW is finished 2 day earlier. The only problem is if someone was waiting the last day to do his battle, it will hurt the team score. This is why i always said to my guildmate to try to play every day in case something like this happen so we don’t have bad surprise

But if it’s only an Xbox issue, then players on other consoles will still be able to play the last two days, and all the Xbox players will lose rank.

So what? Ps4 and xbox are both different leadearboard