Guild Wars is not working today

@Alpheon @Nimhain @Sirrian

On the attack screen in gw I have the message “The day has ended. The next day will start shortly.”


It seems that you are not the only one who has that problem.


Confirmed. Both @Athrillskr, myself, @XFire DemonWolf, @CyanideSkunk are reporting that none of us in guild PhantomKiddz [XBox One] are able to play in Guild Wars today.

Our GW screen says the previous day has ended, and the flag is still stuck on yesterday’s battle.

The score for today, Saturday is reading 0 vs 0. Our opponents are presumably “Les détestables”, but since they are reading 0 score also, they are possibly unable to fight today likewise.

Currently we are not being attacked by members of any other guild in particular, so somehow we’ve dropped off the schedule :frowning:

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This is happening to everyone on X1.


Question now is whether we might lose one day OR two days of GW. Might not be able to fix it before weekly reset on Monday. Hmm. :frowning:

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then rankings should not count! Some do battles at end of week! This weeks G Wars has been a total mess from the start! Compensation? Refund everyones sentinels would be a good start!

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Of course it should count, top guilds have daily players, just dont wait Sunday for GW fights. When I look at the ranking, nothing different than a normal week…the ranks are the same as usual with same points difference as usual…

You had no chance to beat us anyway, better end the nightmare right now :stuck_out_tongue:


Why today there HAD to be a guild war issue. Do we really have to wait 2 to 3 months for a patch?

2-3 month for justice fix and crafting update but im pretty sure they will fix GW bugs monday

Wrong we were 2 last week

Of course it should count if it benefits you and if they want people to play everyday or lose that day then they need to put that in rules

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Here comes the compesation!!!

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UNSC should get compensated for being last place. :wink:

Plenty of gems coming your way, perhaps a hundred vip keys, and a written apology.

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I’m sure you’ll all be playing catch up tomorrow

Only if it’s fixed early I work tomorrow night!

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I’m thinking at reset it will fix automatically, hopefully

Of course it should not count if it dont benefit you…

Sorry about your 2nd rank last week… usually Birch finish 4th…congrats! Well as Thieves, we finish 1st every week so 2nd, 3rd or 4th ranks are abstract concept for us. :wink:

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Lol i sended a msg in facebook, twitter and pm every devs. Let’s hope someone see this msg before end of war