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Is Guild Wars Offline Again?

@Saltypatra Is GW’s offline again? As mine says GW will be available in less than 7 days. We were signed up for this current week. So it can’t simply be a issue there. Unless its a glitch and skipped us. I also looked at official posts and saw nothing about GW’s being offline. So posting here.

P.S. Unless there was a mention someplace and I just missed it.

That was weird as its never done this on reset before. It was acting like we were not registered when we had been. Waited some time and its back to normal. So no issue anymore. First time I’ve encountered seeing this on reset.

I think its justice’s third trait causing trouble :grin: @Nimhain

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@Kronvidnet Hehe silly … just glad it was just being weird, or I was going to have to kick my PS4 repeatedly. Okay maybe wouldn’t do that. Who knows maybe glitches can later be called features if enough of them exist.

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It might be due the 3.1 update dropping today or tomorrow

I personally don’t mind if they need to take Guild Wars down for a week if it’s needed for them to fix all bugs, like Impervious troops not working, game crashes, win counted as lose, etc.