Guild Wars did not register after regestering


I registered for guild wars well into last week…and said I could play the next one" the current one" and nothing…says i have to register for the NEXT one.

And on top of that I can’t submit a ticket, as soon as I do it says solved and I can not comment on the ticket…

So this post is about both of those things

@Ozball, @Lila36, @Saltypatra


How come you didn’t notice Monday when setting up defense? I think you’ll be missing out on this one.


I had this happen a while back, pinged @Saltypatra On a Monday and they worked their butts off and put us back in.

Asking this on a Tuesday, I think you’re too may get compensated though abd not even have to play this week.

Check in on Monday’s is all I can say, good luck.


was waiting on tickets before I realized they didn’t even work…having major issues with support


I knew a urgent issue like that a ticket wouldn’t do, I took it to forums and had it fixed that day. Just pm @Saltypatra


Support might still be the best option. Salty is on her way to the States today and probably won’t be online much, if at all. Ozball and Cyrup might be better dev options this week. The support staff will start work in a few hours, but who knows how far behind in tickets they are.


I think it’s too late for it now. We had it addressed before the week started.


Yeah, probably. That would suck to get boxed out of GW when it only comes up every three weeks now.


They’ll give compensation I bet.