Bounced out of Guild Wars

Our Guild - Madrina’s Marauders - despite having been registered for this week’s Guild Wars, now appears to have been dropped from those participating. Any idea why Game-Gods?

Wait ~30 mins after reset.

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Also, the Registration system has been broken for years: you often get told you’re not registered when you are.

This week definitely appears to be worse than normal, however.


Hey all,

Are you still showing as unregistered @cosmor1969 ?

This can occur when there is a short amount of time before it begins, and in the back data Guild Wars is still being “set up”

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

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Ooops - sorry Jeto, I hadn’t seen this reply.

Thanks for the attention and the advice. All as you said.

Quite regularly, two weeks ago, I would click on Guild from the map screen, and the Guild Wars panel would say “Register” rather than “Registered”. I would go into Guild, and when I backed out, it would say “Registered.”

Sometimes clicking into the Guild Wars interface would still show you as unregistered when you already are. And, of course, it’s ridiculous that there’s all these empty tabs once GW is over.

Even worse is when GW defences change, both between weeks, and occasionally right in the middle of Guild Wars!

The fact is, the entire GW GUI needs some serious love, and many of the mechanisms need proper debugging.

Veteran players would much rather have things fixed rather than new content!!!


In case anyone’s listening:

  • All event results should be visible for at least a week, or until the same event (ie: GW, ToD) comes around again. I suggested a long time ago, splitting off a small square on each panel at the right of the Guild Event menu just to access results.

  • The GW tabs should not be empty between GW. Either leave the previous week’s end state visible, or simplify the whole thing to only show the three results tabs.

  • Remove the multi-click Registration instructions and make it a single button that, once pressed by someone in the Guild, consistently indicates the registration status.

  • Fix the defences so they cannot be changed by the game, either because of team reordering, or using multiple devices, or any other reason. The defence teams need to be copied into their own memory slot on the server that can only be changed through direct user intervention.

  • Allow medals to be assigned directly to each defence team. This does require some minor interface and functionality tweaking, but it’s not that hard if you’re smart about it, and it would make a lot of people very happy!

  • Ideally, lock in class talents when then the defence team is created via the GW defence assignment interface. This is not hard if you store the defence teams in a different place than the main team list. Effectively, when the player selects a team in the GW defence UI, that team is copied from the main list, and can then be edited. Any changes are copied back to the main list, but NOT to any other GW defence teams. This allows the setting of different talents for the same class. The only difficulty is that the game would need to check if a team is edited in the main list, and ask the player if they want to copy that to the GW slot as well (mentioning the day(s) it is set for in the prompt dialogue).

I’ve probably forgotten some other stuff that needs sorting.

Sadly, based on previous experience, you only ever seem to revisit a game mode when you totally overhaul it. You never debug after a new feature launches (except crash bugs).

Guild Wars does not need a functional overhaul; it does desperately need a GUI overhaul and some serious debugging.