Modify the Orbweaver's last trait - Familiar, reduce the spawn rate from 50% to 25%

90% of battles are always with the Orbweaver with Life & Death weapon.
I dare to say that it’s currently the most abused setup in the game and most unbalanced one.
It’s getting tiresome fast, especially because of that Bless effect that can ignore any stuns, etc.

This game is getting more and more luck-based instead of skill-based, and that’s a bad thing.

At least modify the last 3rd trait - Familiar - reduce the percentage from 50% to 25% or even 20%.

Familiar: (the biggest issue is that it can spawn troops when it takes damage.)
(The best option would be that it would only spawn a troop when one of your allies was killed.)


I’m going to disagree. The summons are stupid, but are no issue without L&D. With anything else, where are the summons? Orbweaver isn’t used with anything else anything like as effectively.

In the past I have said L&D is not a problem. So long as you run certain classes with banish, or have Azura, Leviathan, or Anthea or whatever else that can dispel in the team and stun. None of those troops really sit well with much, so…it’s banish and stun really. You can stun it before Grave Seer or Lamashtu feed it, but you need a 4 match and stop Grave Seer matching purple (it even has purple storm). So, you need Banish and Stun to deal with the bless, which is viable with only a few classes. For example, Mech has 1/2 start and works well without the need for another troop to give that start, others need troops or don’t have the half starts. Speed is everything to beat it as is really.

Curse should help, so recently I have run something like Obsidius, Gobtruffle, Glaive, TMQ but as I have levelled everything with Banish except ** cough** Knight, it still can’t be denied. TMQ’s curse all on cast removes the bless, but guess what, it doesn’t remove enchant at the same time…stun, fine, but the enchant still fills it and in maybe 1 move it’s blessed and immune again.

My take is that it was a delve weapon and needed gems to buy it, so it’s a seller…that’s why it’s like it is. Another cynical take is that it stalls victories, slows down PvP performance and gains, making it fit in with Devs slowing progress.

All this will stop if bless is removed from it. The fact that it has it, makes it above the curve. Lowering summons is not the answer imho, we’ll still get a stack of them. Just drop the bless, which has I am sure been said before.

I don’t see it being changed though.


Just like Bandits summon spamming was a thing until they nerf it to 35%, and kept being a thing also after the nerf because it is still viable, the abuse of the 50% spawn rate would change it into just use of such feature if it were to be toned down to 35%.
It would still be there, just slightly less than now.

NONETHELESS, there’s plenty of options and choices right now to counter this mechanic in the current state of the game. So if it was up to me, I say leave it as is, for it’s a third trait on a class that has actually a nice synergy with it, with all the webbing and summoning and annoyance :slight_smile:


I agree that Orbweaver/Life&Death combo is obnoxious and not fun to play against.

I think the creature summoned by the 3rd trait should be stealthy as well. Either give the Giant Spider stealthy or have it summon an Arachnataur or Shadowblade instead. This would give you a better chance of targeting it down even with the spawns. As it stands now you can only hit Orbweavers with comparatively weak AoE or splash damage effects, giving them way too many chances for the spawn.


I’m gonna make the Standard GoW Counterargument to altering a troop, maybe it’ll keep them from showing up:

You have choices and can build a team. I have a team that’s currently on a 45,000 match win streak and actually I’ve never lost a game on my alt. No I won’t tell you who the alt is, you’ll just use that information to steal my teams because you’re a dumb n00b and not highly skilled like me. Also if this weapon were nerfed I’d lose my best team and I’d have to find another one and I might lose a match, so only a loser who can’t adapt would want to nerf it.

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I like the idea that stealthy summoners can only summon stealthy troops.

The guy who wrote this, is full of himself. That’s clear as day.

Back to the topic at hand:
Well, whenever I damaged an enemy Hero, it spawned spiders, 2 or 3 at the same time, not to mention the bless effect and Life & Death weapon.
The unwinnable match lasted over 13 minutes, and the enemy had 48/60 spawns already.
Even though it’s stated that the spawn rate is 50%, it felt like it was 95% if not 100% spawn rate.

2 ways to counter it effectively that I know of:

  1. Non-targetable Stun - Obsidius or Emperor Khorvash. There is also a class the stuns as a trait but I cannot remember.

  2. Rope Dart loop team - use Rope Dart to pull and kill non-stealthy troops first. Then charge before the last kill of non-stealthy troop to pull Orbweaver to front after. He won’t be able to spawn spiders at first spot. It is almost 99.99% win rate against this team. That 0.01% is normally due to my own stupidity :sweat_smile:

The only way this works is if you beat it before it blesses itself. If it gets blessed before you can stun, it doesn’t work, without additional tricks. Also, it won’t stop the enchant once that starts, so stun only works when it isn’t blessed. Stunning it helps you target it, so it can work with say Rope Dart, but you need to be quick etc.

Additionaly if Lamashtu or Grave Seer cast and match to fill it, you need Banish, then stun. The ideal counter to it therefore is stun and banish, as the banish will banish all positive effects, removing the enchant as well. Curse takes the bless, leaving it stunnable, but needs to curse it again to remove the enchant.

There are some comparisons with self enchanting weapons, like Orb of Winter and Trickster’s Shot, but they don’t get to also death mark, add to their life and self bless and all the other things it does.

Dropping the bless is imho the way forward. When summon % is altered, we never seem convinced that it has actually altered.

Indeed. One way is to remove the stealth trait (via Stun) which can be countered by Bless. The fool-proof way to remove Stealth is when all creatures have stealth. Which means the best counter is a loop team that can effectively pull Orbweaver to the front to prevent its summons to occupy the all important first slot to kill Orbweaver itself. Aka Rope Dart. :grin: I’m sure there are other team composition. My next best team countering that was using Obsidius with plenty of speed.


Of course. I am aware of the counters. Sadly, the Deathmark killed my troop (Obsidius) before it could have any effect, not to mention unfavourable starting board, which pretty much filled the L & D weapon before I could actually counteract anything. The biggest issue is the Bless effect, which nullifies entangle, stun, etc.

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Sadly, there’s no way to skip or ignore the Guild Wars without having the penalty.

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Every person who claims invulnerability in these threads almost instantly reveals they either don’t play GW or don’t mess about with using a correct-colored team. It’s always:

Thread: “This weapon doesn’t have effective counters on certain days.”
Poster: “So just skip it you loser, that’s what I do and look at my muscles.”
Thread: “You can’t skip things during GW. I’ve told you this in 8 threads and you still don’t get it, do you even play GW?”
Poster: “I SAID LOOK AT MY MUSCLES. I use Emperor Khorvash every day and I’m on the leaderboard every week, I play the best Guild Wars in Game of War.”

Listen, you can’t account for all the factors. It’s more complicated than that.

If you’re unlucky enough to get unfavourable board where you can only make one or two moves, and you know that the enemy will get an extra turn as soon as you do it, you pretty much rely on luck.
Emperor Khorvash can help, yes, but not if the enemy Hero is positioned on his 3rd slot.
If you miss your time window, it’s pretty much all over.

Using a troop or weapon that can move L&D to the front or eventually to the bottom is an option. Using a barrier team can mitigate L&D’s life stealing, and an undead team can mitigate death mark. A silencing, disease, or suppression team can give a player more control over an L&D team. Also troops that have chance to devour troops adjacent to targeted troops or if targetable a straight devour team can be useful. Also high hitting life buff teams with board control can be a problem for L&D. If you have a problem with bless, use a curse team. Basically, there are a lot of options to deal with L&D orb weavers. Just like dealing with any other meta team, get creative and build a team that addresses their vulnerabilities. There is no guarantee of victory, if there was GW wouldnt be fun. L&D orb weaver is a legit defensive team, but it’s not unbeatable. Keep trying new teams to face it until you find one that works for you, then it’ll be an almost guanteed win instead of an expected guaranteed loss.

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I use AoE-oriented teams against L&D Orbweaver teams and win most of the time. The only time I lose is when enemy gets lucky with death mark. But like IceAx mentioned there are several ways to counter them, you just have to accept the fact that for some teams you’ll have to use teams made to counter them, rather than being able to defeat them with anything.

As for guild wars, you guys do realize that you’re not forced to use color of the day troops, right? If you’re not confident you can beat a certain enemy team with color of the day team, then just use whatever else you’re sure will work regardless of the color. You may not get as many points but win is a win.

Anyway, I agree that Orbweaver L&D is very obnoxious to fight with most teams. Stealth, high chance to spawn spiders and L&D enchanting itself so even if you deny mana it’ll fill up anyway are kinda bullshit combination, but I don’t think they should nerf anything.


I think I can already hear the players rejoicing that haven’t traited those troops yet. And smell the tar and feathers being prepared by those who did.

Who in this thread has claimed invulnerability? :thinking:

I could’ve sworn Zuul’Goth laughing maniacally behind the portals… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: