Modify the Orbweaver's last trait - Familiar, reduce the spawn rate from 50% to 25%

The fact that it can spawn multiple spiders in a single move is quite annoying. Just finished a battle against an Orbweaver team and one of my Glaycion’s casts spawned 3 spiders… I went from 1 move away from winning the game to another few turns.

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I was going to post a long post about all the things Orbweaver synergises perfectly with L&D, but then thought about a better use of my time!

Remove the bless, leave the Spiders as quite honestly, if nerfed to 35% they will still appear like nobody’s business.

If anyone wants to talk to me about the AI Bladewing and it’s 85% lethal rate in the first battle from my last 45 Stonesong Eyrie attempts over the last 15 days, feel free. Actually it would be 16, I gave up yesterday and I’m about done with Delves, struggling to see the point of them. I’m at nearly 1040 gold per hour and I’m not getting barely (if any) more resources than an alt who is at 325 gold per hour.

This isn’t the first thread in the world about modifying a strong troop. Similar to Godwin’s Law, there is an inevitability in GoW threads about troop nerfs that the following arguments are going to show up:

  1. “Just skip the troop.” (Which ignores GW as a thing and has already appeared in this thread.)
  2. “Counters exist and you’re too stupid to use them.” (Which is an ad hominem attack and generally the counters reduce this argument to (1). Also this argument generally only covers 3-4 GW days.)
  3. “I {feats of strength} all the time and don’t think this is a problem, you’re just mad because you want the game to be too easy.” (Which is a subtractive version of (2) attempting to be less fallacious by not implying (1). But “fallacious” has no spectrum, once an argument is fallacious it’s fallacious. This also fails to address all 6 GW days.)

In the end nobody wants to post proof of claims made in arguments (2) or (3) because to do so would involve revealing their teams, which in theory could be part of the reason they feel there is a counter. Even arguing, “I always 5-0 in GW” doesn’t imply the focus of the thread is fine, because it’d take some kind of proof that the player in question faces that team enough to have incurred the claimed expected loss ratio.

The reason (2) and (3) haven’t arrived yet in this thread is I sarcastically made it already. That satisfies the people who would normally make it. But now that you’ve made me explain it, it’s inevitable that they’ll show up to flex their muscles and say they could go on a 5,000-win streak against Orbweaver + L&D any given Sunday but can’t post proof because people who want proof are losers.

In the end “broken teams” in GW are a game of numbers. If a “normal” team gets lucky 90% of the time, players who face it will win 90/100 matches. If a “perfectly fine” team gets lucky 75% of the time, players who face it will win 75/100 matches. Since there are only 6 tries per week and the team is usually only 2 or 3 encounters per day, it can be a loooooong time (or never) before the people who make (2) or (3) arguments face a losing streak that magically changes their mind.

In the end it’s arguing, “I’ve never fallen on stairs so I think handrails are stupid.” Some things make sense whether or not a specific person has encountered a problem.

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With all that you wrote there, it still didn’t answer my question :wink:

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I posted a team in the Legendary Tier thread, Willow, Doomed Xbow, Qilin, Forest Guardian. It annilhates L&D with Banish on Warden. Don’t need stun. I posted then what the numbers were. I stopped using it once I levelled Warden to 100. In GW this week on Purple day I lost to L&D. I lost 2 troops on turn 2 to AI deathmarks, after that it was inevitable.

Bless had nothing to do with that one, lucky AI following a stupid move/choice by me. :slight_smile:

Edit, Forest Guardian, last slot - been using Moon Rabbit with similar to level Stormcaller…


That team is surprising in a lot of ways. I had written off both the Warden class and Willow as sub-par choices. But that team works together really well, and I don’t know if it could work as well without both Willow and Warden. As a bonus, like you said, it can dispel Bless/Barrier/Enchant/etc. (though it doesn’t inflict status effects to take full advantage of the dispel).

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Indeed me too, especially with the third trait being so poor and needing FG to half start. I’ve tried it whilst levelling Shaman and Stormcaller, no Banish so not as effective(although Stormcaller’s self cleanse and all the yellow makes Qilin go a little faster, you have a tougher time filling red and L&D will cast). I’ve tried Moon Rabbit, but that means losing FG, and FG adds a third skull option.

You lack blue and the best banners forces a choice of -1 green or -1 brown, but with L&D needing a lot of purple, filling Qilin first is crucial for a couple of reasons. 1, to get potential bless in the back and two to convert away all the purple and brown, both colours L&D requires. Once you have cast Qilin, basically you are in control, as generally you will be casting it where it will align 4 or 5 gems and banishing L&D, plus it won’t have any brown or purple to fill it.

FG is really great at continuing turns, removing yet more purple to skulls, feeding Willow. Willow can hit for 60+ very soon, plus Hunter’s Marks and then basically Xbow just rolls through like a knife through butter. 2 passes of Xbow and all none summons have gone normally. I just keep filling that really and L&D is generally dead before Spiders are and then just mop them up. Willow keeps getting stat boosts, helps fill the others, does AOE damage etc.

A couple of incidentals also help, entangle immunity - it’s worth a 1/2 turn, Willow’s boost gains with it’s traits and Qilin boosting magic. Also you have Root Trap and +2 magic using Bow etc. Ideally you’d want Kindgom bonuses but best you get is 2 Maugrim Woods troops and some life.


After fighting a lot more L&D Orbweaver teams (they started being so common for me last two days) I have to say that while I wouldn’t nerf Orbweaver I think bless should be removed from L&D.


That may be so, but this is a suggestion about the final trait, not the Bless effect itself on L & D weapon.

Then it would be basically worthless. There is a counter to bless and a way to shot down the spawns. I do it all the time.